// Club profile - North Adelaide Fitness Centre

North Adelaide Fitness Centre

2A Hawker St, Ovingham, SA 5082

Ph: 08 8344 7187

Fax: 08 8344 1407

E-mail: clubinfo@northadelaidefitness.com

Web: www.northadelaidefitness.com

What does it take to make your club stand out in a busy market and receive acknowledgement as the Fitness Facility of the Year in your state? Club Network spoke to Peter Conroy, director of North Adelaide Fitness Centre in South Australia to find out.

Facilities and services

Weights: A fully equipped area with free weights, Hammer Strength and Technogym equipment and Toning Gym.

Cardio: Fully equipped with treadmills, bikes, Stairmasters, concept2 rowers, Cardio Wave and game bike.

Group fitness: A wide variety of classes including both freestyle and pre-choreographed programs: 

Pre-choreographed programs include BodyPump™, BodyAttack™, BodyStep™ and BodyBalance™.

Freestyle classes include BOSU ® Circuit, Orbit (Fitball classes), Pilates, low impact aerobics, Step Athletic and Step Moves.

Kickbox studio: Kickbox group exercise classes and group personal training.

Cycling studio: RPM™ and FreeSpin classes.

Wellness Room and personal training studio: A supervised training area for Wellness members using the Technogym Wellness System. Personal training studio complete with BOSU ®, TR X, fitballs and equipment promoting functional personal training.

Crèche: Our child-minding area operates weekdays between 9am and 12pm.


• Number of financial members: 1,600

• Size of centre: 1,300 square metres

• Owned or rented: Owned

• Growth of membership since opening: 1,200

• Access to parking: We have some on-site parking and access to the car park of a business located near the centre.

• Population to draw on: 20,000

• Proximity of closest competitor: Fitness First, Goodlife and Next Generation are all around 1km from the centre.

• Membership prices: Our lifestyle 12-month direct debit membership is $15.95 per week, however, we have a range of membership options available, including one, three and six-month memberships as well as direct debit and no lock-in contracts.

What is the target membership demographic of the club?

Our target market is not defined in terms of age, but through the type of person who is looking for a place they will feel comfortable – hence our tagline ‘the alternative to big impersonal gyms’ and this transcends age ranges. We have an equal number of members in the 18 to 34-year-old age bracket as in the 35 to 54-year bracket.

What do you look for when hiring staff?

We look at a number of factors when hiring staff and we commence this process with an in-depth written application which reveals their communication skills, availability, personality profile and work experience. We follow up suitable applicants with an interview and we encourage them to come in and use the club to experience our culture and some of our unique programs/classes. This gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their willingness to join our team. Only those applicants who have participated proceed to a second interview. The following attributes are mandatory;

• Passion for health and fitness

• Passion for helping people

• A positive attitude

• They must be suitable role models

• Trainable

• Fit into our club culture.

What is your staff breakup?

Our dynamic team of professionals is made up of 10 fulltime, 6 part-time and 13 casual staff.

Do you promote the multi-skilling of your staff or do team members have separate roles?

Most of our full-time and part-time staff members are multiskilled, which has proved to be successful in building a loyal and committed team and it has been a critical factor in staff retention. Many of our personal trainers have started with us working at reception and putting in hours on the gym floor while building their client base, and this has been valuable in times of emergency and holidays. Several of our trainers are also group exercise instructors, which has the two-fold benefit of promoting attendance of group fitness classes and giving the trainers a platform to advertise their PT services to group exercise participants. Having staff members who are trained in more than one area helps with communication between departments and, therefore, throughout the centre.

How do you price yourself in the marketplace?

At $15.95 per week we represent fantastic value and we offer a range of membership options including direct debit, up front, no lock-in contracts, short term memberships and visitor passes. We also offer a Wellness membership which offers a greater level of ongoing support and coaching.

What is your most successful retention strategy?

Our Wellness Program is proving to be successful in retaining members as it features a supervised training area and members receive regular ongoing support with program reviews and wellness coaching to help them achieve their goals and a follow up phone call or e-mail if they do not attend for 21 days.

Providing a personalised service culture where members are consistently greeted by name, together with a diverse range of group fitness classes taught by professional and dynamic instructors and offering complimentary program reviews and support keeps members coming back.

We offer a loyalty program where annual members are upgraded to silver, gold (after five years) and platinum (after ten years) status. They receive gifts such as Gold Member jackets and bags identifying them accordingly.

In addition to member retention, we have excellent staff retention, which is a result of building a positive team environment, maintaining professional standards and investing in training and development.

What is your most successful marketing campaign and how did you track its success?

Our most successful campaign was a three-day sale where we offered a discounted membership. This was marketed by way of a flyer drop in our local area, web site, contacting expired members and via shopping centre outreach.

Which frontline computer software do you run?

We operate our frontline with ClubWise.

Do you have any programs for special populations? How profitable /successful are they?

We conduct the Strength For Life Program which caters for the 60-year plus demographic. These participants have a functional resistance program which they carry out with a trainer in a group environment. This program aims to improve posture, strength, balance and mobility as part of falls prevention.

Although this program doesn’t produce high revenue, it caters for the market that does not generally fit into the mainstream exercise program and is conducted at an off peak time. Many of the participants have been part of the program for approximately five years.

What non-membership profit centres do you have?

Other income producing areas include boot camp, personal training and fitness classes for schools and sporting groups. We also rent space to a massage therapist and a nutritionist.

Describe your personal training operation

We conduct our personal training in a separate area using equipment and training tools including TR X and BOSU® that promote functional training. All personal trainers are employed by the centre. Personal training is sold at point-of-sale and the centre also offers complimentary training sessions for members’ birthdays, membership renewal and other incentives and the trainers conduct these sessions in gym shift times and have the opportunity to convert them to clients as well as sourcing their own new clients.

Personal trainers have monthly training (at no cost to them) with a variety of professionals including a physiotherapist, podiatrist, psychologist, wellness coach and nutritionist to expand their knowledge. The personal training manager reports KPIs to the management team on a weekly basis. The team has a target and a bonus incentive scheme is in place to encourage individuals to meet the target.

What is your five-year plan?

Our outlook over the next five years is positive as there is a lot of new residential development in close proximity, which will provide the opportunity to grow the business and move the operations to a brand new facility. Our focus will remain on providing professional and friendly service and expanding the Wellness concept throughout the centre.

What is your biggest challenge?

The challenge for us is combating the apathy of the consumer and letting them know that there is an alternative to the unsupported impersonal gym.