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By looking beyond the hour or two your client spends training with you to other factors that support their health and fitness goals, you can provide them with 360-degree lifestyle benefits, writes Vision Personal Training’s Gavin Aquilina.

Good personal trainers are in high demand. We’ve heard it countless times, but it’s true. Australians are more interested and invested than ever in battling obesity, overweight, fatigue, depression and disease.

As an industry we need to help people achieve 360-degree lifestyle transformations – rather than just lose some weight or get shredded for a few weeks before slipping back into the old habits that brought them to us in the first place.

A holistic approach

We’ve always had a holistic and scientific approach to personal training at Vision Personal Training. Andrew Simmons founded Vision 20 years ago, armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Science and a passion to deliver sustainable results for clients by empowering them with a true understanding of the entire ecosystem of health and fitness.

This is why we’ve invested $1.3 million this year in a technology overhaul that is helping us provide a more holistic approach to clients’ wellbeing. In so doing, we are also benefiting our personal trainers, studio owners and managers in almost 60 Vision venues across Australia and New Zealand. The overhaul encompasses three main elements.

Making better nutrition choices

At Vision we believe a healthy body composition is achieved by following a 70:30 ratio of nutrition to exercise. So much of the nutrition part of our success equation depends on people’s time and capacity, as well as the choices they make when they’re at home, in the supermarket, or close to convenient food options.

To bridge the gap between good intention and good practice, we’ve launched Vision Ready Meals in partnership with Chefgood. The service delivers a range of chef-prepared, macronutrient-balanced meals and snacks to a person’s home or office. It’s intended primarily for Vision clients, but anyone can use the service.

The aim is to provide clients with delicious, quick and healthy meals to help eliminate distractions and keep them on track to reach their goals. Busy lives need not be an excuse for poor nutrition choices, because in 2019 fast food doesn’t need to mean junk food. Every meal uses fresh, local and seasonal products with no fillers, thickeners, hidden sugars or artificial ingredients. It’s only been available since July this year, and it’s already going like wholemeal quinoa hotcakes!

Getting better results through tracking technology

It’s a simple fact that the best weight loss and fitness results are achieved by clients who are intentional and conscious about tracking their food. For this reason, we invested in creating a new ‘MyVision’ app for clients that allows them to easily enter the food they eat each day and track those choices against their Vision macronutrient goals, set in collaboration with their PT.

The app provides personalised fitness plans, daily meal tracking and access to details of 75% of supermarket products in Australia and New Zealand, as well as advanced meal planning, group training schedules, upcoming studio and community events, and macronutrient-balanced recipes.

Building better PTs with enhanced professional development

At Vision Personal Training we have just over 400 personal trainers across 58 studios in Australia and New Zealand. We’ve been going hard for 20 years, and as the largest personal training franchise network we have made it our mission to not only inspire and support our clients, but to do the same with our PTs.

The path from PT to running a successful franchise is a clear and well-trodden one for us. In an industry struggling to retain its workers, we have made it an intentional part of our strategy to grow and contribute to the health and fitness industry as a whole – and it’s working. Vision has four times the industry average for PT staff retention, and employment site Seek rates our career development 4.6 out of 5 stars. We’re always looking for more we can do to enhance opportunities for trainers, not just within our Vision network, but more broadly.

The new professional development program includes a Vision ‘Rookie’ entry-level qualification run over 12 weeks, available to applicants who already hold a cert IV in fitness. It’s another layer in a philosophy embedded in Vision’s culture that we invest in our trainers to help prepare them to work independently, safely and productively with a client to achieve their goals.

Listening to our clients and trainers to better serve our shared mission

For the past 20 years Vision has been striving for continual improvement in every part of the business, as well as in clients’ results. We’ve been able to do this by constantly listening to and observing our clients and PTs, and addressing any gaps that are identified. It is this that has shaped our latest developments in the service we deliver.

The truth is that almost anyone can be a personal trainer and start a fitness business, but it’s how you embrace, care for, observe and listen to your clients, and then respond to them, that makes a great PT.

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