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The fitness industry is armed to play a part in brain health and reducing the risk of dementia with two new resources launched recently by Alzheimer’s Australia in partnership with Fitness Australia.

The two resources, The Brain Health Checklist and Brain Health Guidelines, provide simple steps that exercise professionals and their clients can do to ensure that they are considering brain health as part of their training program.

Carol Bennett, Alzheimer’s Australia CEO, said: ‘These new resources are a great way to remind professionals and Australians alike to take a holistic approach to wellbeing including social activity and mentally challenging your brain. For years, there has been a focus on exercise and diet, but there are several other factors that can impact on our overall health and the health of our brains.’

Lauretta Stace, CEO at Fitness Australia said: ‘These new resources will support exercise professionals to educate clients about the benefits of physical activity for brain health. We encourage exercise professionals and their clients to grab a Brain Health Checklist and talk about brain health. Fitness Australia recognises the role the fitness industry has in preventive health and that’s why we are engaging with organisations such as Alzheimer’s Australia.’

Five simple steps to maximising brain health promoted in the new resources are: looking after your heart; doing some kind of physical activity; mentally challenging your brain; following a healthy diet; and enjoying social activity.

Source: Alzheimer’s Australia & Fitness Australia

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