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Fitness Australia recently revealed a new set of principles to guide Australian fitness businesses to prosper and put client safety first through adoption of ‘best practice’ guidelines.

The Business Principles and Guidance for Fitness Businesses explain legislation in Australia and best practice standards, and also offer practical recommendations for simple implementation.

Lauretta Stace, CEO of Fitness Australia, said ‘We’ve consulted with a wide range of stakeholders to formulate these key principles and translate them to ensure appropriate standards of professionalism, safety and customer care are maintained at all times.’

The Principles are designed to support and complement the existing State and Territory Industry Codes of Practice for fitness businesses, while the Codes are subject to review and updating. They apply to all Fitness Australia registered fitness businesses, including gyms, fitness centres, clubs and studios, as well as their employees.

‘Over the next 12 months, we will continue to consult with the Departments of Fair Trading in each State and Territory jurisdiction, as well as other regulatory bodies to promote the principles and seek their feedback. We’ll also continue to seek feedback from the fitness industry’ Stace said.

‘These principles and guidelines will assist the many small business owners who strive daily to provide quality service to their consumers.’

Fitness Australia believes that the main benefits of adopting this approach are that it will help consumers by making their interests the focus, rather than compliance with a set of rules; provide a basis for quality assurance in business practice, despite differences in regulations across Australia; and allow for more efficient implementation of quality standards by fitness businesses.

The Guide and an accompanying resource kit are available for download here.

Source: Fitness Australia

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