Feeling under the weather? Keep your clouds at home

With cold and flu season well and truly upon us, you may be one of many Australian workers dragging a heavy head and tender throat to the office. In fact, whether it’s fear of reprisals, simply too much to do, or a burdening obligation to ‘just get on with it’, Australian workers are immersed in a culture of heading to work even when they’re feeling under the weather.

However, according to a recent report published by the Centre for International Economics, this attitude is costing the Australian economy more than $34 billion a year in lost productivity.

The cost of ‘presenteeism’, when people front up to work when maybe they shouldn’t, is equivalent to a productivity loss of 2.6 per cent, and a 2.7 per cent loss to gross domestic product.

John Crothers, chair of Pathology Awareness Australia, who commissioned the report, explains that presenteeism stems from a poor understanding of specific healthcare needs. Mr Crothers adds that while workers may think they’re doing the right thing by soldiering on and heading to the office, they risk infecting colleagues and lowering overall workplace productivity.

In short, if you work with other people (and in the fitness industry we most definitely do), you’ll be doing them a favour by staying home when the lurgy strikes.

Source: smh & ABC