// Find the perfect (employment) fit

by Oliver Kitchingman

The fitness industry is booming with more clubs opening every week. This, coupled with the rising demand for personal trainers and fitness professionals is making it harder for employers to find the right qualified staff for their facilities.

Enter fitnesscareers.com.au, an employment portal designed to help both club managers and qualified professionals find the perfect fit. The site was launched in late 2007, a combined enterprise of Australian Fitness Network and theAustralian Institute of Fitness, to help the Australian fitness industry and qualified fitness professionals ‘get together’.

Unlike some general employment sites, this fitness-specific site doesn’t charge employers or employees for listings, and is available FREE to any Network member. The current version of the site is very user-friendly, allowing any Network member to instantly up-load job listings.
Likewise, anyone can instantly search for a career, listed by position (i.e., personal trainer, aqua instructor, receptionist or sales manager), location (by state, city and local area) and even by full-time or part time. Version 2 of the site – which is currently in development – will be Web 2.0-based, with more features to further increase the ease of use for those posting positions and seeking careers. The site also has a listing for ‘business opportunities’ that allows franchisees to post listings for future franchisors. 

As partners in the development, the Australian Institute of Fitness actively promotes the site to its students and graduates and has dedicated career scouts out in the field, helping more employers to get online and using the system. And why wouldn’t you jump on board? Dominic dos Remedios, national personal training manager for Fitness First Australia commented that the site was the perfect solution
for Fitness First; ‘It allows our club PT managers to list their positions quickly and efficiently – right across Australia. They know that they are listing positions to candidates who are qualified and have the right mindset’ he said. 

And it’s not just the large-scale employers who are enjoying the benefits of fitnesscareers.com.au. Garrick Transell, owner/operator of Energize Health and Fitness, said, ‘As an independent club, we’ve always had a hard time advertising and recruiting staff. We don’t want to pay huge amounts for classifieds in the major dailies, the local papers don’t seem to really work and the other online classifieds are cost-prohibitive for a two location set up like ours. We’ve been using fitnesscareers.com.au over the last few recruitment drives and we’re very happy with the results. The quality of applicants is very high. I believe that it’s because we’re talking to a targeted group of people. I’d recommend fitnesscareers.com.au to any club looking for quality staff’.

The first Energize Health and Fitness club has over 2,000 members and a staff of nine personal trainers. The business is in the process of doubling its operation with its second club having opened in June. ‘We’ll be usingfitnesscareers.com.au and the Australian Institute of Fitness to help us get more qualified staff. The site has worked for us in the past to recruit quality individuals, so we were confident that it would again prove invaluable when it came to staffing the new location’.

The site has also helped hundreds of qualified professionals embark upon rewarding careers in the fitness industry. Jenny Smyth of Marrickville, NSW , is a great example, saying, ‘I graduated from the Institute in January 2008. Before I graduated, I’d started looking through the site, identifying health clubs in my area. The site was so easy to use, it gave me the information I needed before I started
ringing around and lining up interviews. I knew that the clubs were good industry partners and after two interviews I found the role I wanted. I’m now very happily employed at a club in Marrickville – just three blocks from home! The club’s great – a really good team – and now I’m using fitnesscareers.com.au to recruit more personal trainers for the business’.

The next time you’re looking to recruit staff, get online and visit fitnesscareers.com.au or call a careers scout from the Institute on 1300 669 669.


Oliver Kitchingman
Oliver is the editor at Australian Fitness Network and can be contacted viaoliver.kitchingman@fitnessnetwork.com.au or by phoning 02 8424 7286.