// Fire up your class with sizzlin’ warm ups!

There is no better way of ensuring your participants stay until the end of class than setting the tone with an incredible warm-up. Nathalie Lacombe shows you how.

Imagine switching on the television to watch a film you’ve been looking forward to seeing, only to be disappointed with a terribly scripted opening scene. Odds are, your finger will be on the remote and you’ll be channel surfing within five minutes.

Our group exercise classes are no different. Without a tempting ‘opening scene’, we risk losing members of our audience, or at very least, failing to ignite their enthusiasm. Far too often, the warm up routine delivered by group exercise instructors is ‘planned’ on the way to the gym and lacks the pizzazz necessary to establish a great vibe. A first impression based on a last minute idea is far from ideal.

A creative and sizzlin’ warm-up will not only entice your participants to stick around for more, it’s also a fabulous way to invigorate your class and help release the performer within you.

The trick is to start with familiar moves and movement patterns within participants’ comfort zones, and to then invite them to step out of their box with some creations inspired by a great song, a dance style, a music video or a new type of class you are launching. The following sizzlin’ warm up is a spicy way to kick off a hot Latin dance class – or any class for that matter – and leave the crowd hungry for more!

Photos Counts Move
1 & 2 8 Half-time step touch X2 – arms and hips pumping on beat
3 & 4 4 Mambo with Calypso arm and cha-cha-cha with hand warming booty
5 & 6 4 Repeat Mambo with Calypso on other leg
7 & 8 4 (down) & 4 (up) Merengue march going down (4 counts) and up (4 counts)
9, 10, 11 & 12 4 V step – same arm as leg behind head then on hips
13, 14, 15 & 16 4 V step – arms sliding over back of head and down body

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Photo 9Photo 10Photo 11Photo 12Photo 13Photo 14Photo 15Photo 16


Nathalie Lacombe, MExSc
Blending 16 years of international health and fitness experience with degrees in psychology and exercise science, Nathalie is passionate about education. As the director of membership and certification for Can Fit Pro she uses her vibrant leadership style to create profound and lasting changes in staff, clients and participants.