Fitness Business Podcast hits 40,000 downloads

In May 2015, Chantal Brodrick hosted the first show on the Fitness Business Podcast and twelve months later the podcast is celebrating 40,000 downloads over 58 shows.

‘I had no idea if we’d get to 3 months! And to hit a milestone of 40,000 downloads is so exciting for all the team’ said Brodrick; ‘The benefit of a podcast for owners and managers is they can listen when it suits them. Video is an amazing platform, but you have to watch and listen. Blogs need to be read. Podcasts are audio only, which means our fans can ‘consume’ the content while they are working out, driving, walking, or undertaking any other activity.’

Over the past 12 months, the Fitness Business Podcast has interviewed chairs of IHRSA, the CEO of Fitness Australia, bestselling authors from outside the fitness industry and industry experts.

‘Our top 4 guests in the last 12 months were Casey Conrad, Michelle Segar, Bill McBride and Tim Keightley. They were so good that to celebrate we interviewed them again and they nearly melted iTunes with the number of downloads! Casey hit 700 downloads in just a week, which is a record’ said Brodrick.

The show has certainly adapted to feedback from its ever-growing legion of listeners or as Chantal calls them ‘her tribe.’  There are ‘Best of Shows’ so you can get a snap shot of what you missed.  There are ‘Q & A Shows’ where listeners can send in questions to any previous guest and they are answered in the show.  They also search out guests based on listener requests.  Most months there is even a giveaway for engaging with the brand on one of their social media platforms.

“We have come a long way in 12 months and I am excited to see where we head over the next year.  We have some mega-star guests lined up already. …I guarantee listeners will be amazed by the take-home value of the information guests share.’
The Fitness Business Podcast can be found on iTunes or at

Source: Active Management