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The loneliness of the long distance runner need be no more… A new ‘runsharing’ app recently released on iTunes app store and Google Play has the potential to change the way runners of all abilities find and join running groups.

The RunGroup app is a free social running app that uses GPS technology to help people find, join and create running groups that match their abilities, timetable and goals in their local area, city or anywhere in the world.

If app users can’t find a running group nearby that fits their needs, they can create their own bespoke RunGroup for other like-minded RunGroup users to find them. What Uber and Airbnb are for finding transport and accommodation, RunGroup is for runners finding running groups and partners.

RunGroup’s founder, Vic Pisani, says RunGroup is for every runner, from those new to pounding the pavement through to elite athletes, and he hopes it will increase participation in running for fun, fitness and friendship, while opening up a more connected world of runners.

‘Life is so much better when you share it with another person and studies show when it comes to your health, friendships and fitness, so is running. Group running changed my life five years ago and I want more people to experience the same positive impact. Many beginners avoid joining running clubs as they’re intimidated by an incorrect assumption that running groups are only for super fit and high level runners. The irony is, joining a RunGroup is the best thing a beginner could do, as the support, health, accountability and motivational rewards of running with a group delivers massive physical and psychological benefits you can’t get from running alone.’

The RunGroup app removes that psychological barrier for beginners by helping find others like themselves in their area – with the same abilities, timetables and goals. For regular runners and elite athletes it also connects them a worldwide running community of runners of similar goals and abilities to share their run or race training with.

Pisani continued: ‘For people who take their running shoes on their travels, I hope RunGroup grows to become their travel companion to help runners find a welcoming local running group. Using the app you could arrive in New York or Paris one day, and the next day be running with friendly locals you found on RunGroup. It’s like Uber and Airbnb for your running shoes. We’ve got groups using RunGroup on every continent now and some exciting ideas and updates to come, so things are looking very exciting for runners using RunGroup.’

Source: RunGroup

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