Get up, stand up!

‘Get up for your heart health and move for your waistline’. This is the central message from a new study conducted by the University of Queensland that has uncovered the many health benefits of time spent standing.

The study, led by Genevieve Healy of the University of Queensland’s School of Public Health, found that more time spent standing rather than sitting could improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels while also lowering fats in the blood.

The study used monitors to examine the activity levels of more than 780 men and women between the ages of 36 and 80 over the course of one week. Researchers determined the amount of time each participant spent sleeping, sitting down, standing and stepping, and walking and running. Blood pressure, height, weight and waist circumference were also measured.

It was found that an extra two hours spent standing rather than sitting lowered blood sugar levels as well as the amount of fat in the blood. The results also found that extra time spent standing increased levels of good cholesterol known as HDL, lowered the average BMI and significantly reduced waist circumference.

According to Healy, ‘these findings provide important preliminary evidence that strategies to increase the amount of time spent standing or walking rather than sitting may benefit the heart and metabolism”.

Source: University of Queensland