Glee-inspired Rock Dance!

To make your club, your Group Ex class, and yourself stand out from the crowd, you need to step outside the box and get creative. By taking inspiration from popular media you can relate to members while blowing them away with fresh and fun workouts says Alissa Hall.

Attention all instructors, dancers and fitness professionals! Are you ready to learn the insider secret on how to stay on top of your game? I’m being absolutely serious. If this sounds like something you want to learn, then raise your hand high in the air. Keep it up there if you want to learn how to create a class that will genuinely have every participant gasping, sweating and screaming for more! This is not just hyperbole, or a cheesy American infomercial – if you do this correctly then this information may actually help your business grow. Are you ready? OK, take that hand that’s waving in the air and place it firmly on your leg. Now squeeze your quads with your hand, lift the leg up and place it a good distance away from your body. Now do the same thing with your other leg. Take a deep breath, and look down. Congratulations! You just officially stepped out of the box, and this is the first step on your journey to creating innovative and imaginative group exercise classes. Be proud!

What I have described above is actually a valid concept – well, the metaphor at least – and one I believe is only just beginning to be used in the group exercise world. For a long time, participants have stepped into studios and fitness facilities worldwide only to find the same types of class on the timetable. While there is certainly a need for the much loved and effective classic fitness genres, I believe in also providing participants with something fresh and different - something that will make your club stand out from the crowd. We need to push the limits if we are to keep leading the way forward in fitness!

One new class which recently danced into my mind and straight onto our club schedule was my Glee-inspired Rock Class. Something about this weird and wonderful theme worked, and a successful new class was born. Why did I think that the TV show Glee could form the basis of a workout? While I will always love teaching my classic step and cycle classes, I wanted to create something original that challenged my participants and offered my local community something that nobody else had. As a GFM always on the lookout for the latest trends, I decided to tap into my addiction to the Glee series to create a unique selling point for my team.

So how did we actually do it? To make the idea work, I took the most heart pumping, Glee-inspired dance moves (always keeping in mind the cardio junkies in the class), added some musical theatre-inspired group position changes (which challenged the brain and got the members interacting with each other), and then finished up by asking them to work on their breathing as they voluntarily belted out a tune with the last bit of oomph they had. The result was a high intensity, exhilarating and totally unique group exercise dance class which left both members and the instructor amazingly connected and screaming for more.

Over to you

Now it’s your turn to relate and create. You should aim for the following when creating your moment of fitness ingenuity: firstly, don’t be afraid to be yourself and step outside that box. Imagine, adapt and create. Push the boundaries, do it with conviction and a strong belief in your idea, and try to offer something that is unique to you. Secondly, remember not to overcomplicate the execution of your idea. Keep it simple and fresh, and don’t forget to add those basic elements of tried and true exercise classes to ensure you are delivering an effective fitness workout. The result will be a class that makes you stand out from the crowd, and which you can evolve over time.

If you want to have a play around with some of my ideas, I have listed some simple choreographed moves from my Glee routine below. I hope you have as much fun pushing the boundaries as I did. As long as you’re evolving, the enjoyment never ends. Happy creating!

1 1 By your side Upright Scuff ground as you kick R leg
2 2 By your side Upright Land feet apart
3 3 Lift right elbow Upright Feet apart
4 4 Strum right arm like a guitar, left arm bent to left side Bend forward Bend knees towards left
5 5 Palm on top of palm out to the left of the body Upright to left diagonal Bend knees towards left
6 6 Left hand on hip. Right hand pushes out to right side Upright slightly leaning back from hips Feet face right, bend left knee straighten right
7 7 Arms by side Facing right Left knee lifted
8 8 Arms above head, wrists crossed Facing right Feet apart facing right



Alissa Hall
An instructor of numerous movement disciplines, from ballet and pole dancing to Pilates and freestyle, Alissa has an enormous passion for all things fitness and dance. A NSW Hip Hop Team Champion (FISAF), she has also been a Sport Aerobics World Championship Finalist for six of the past seven years. Alissa's love of performance and creativity has also seen her appearing in countless live shows, television shows and advertisements as well as the Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony.


Think outside the box and take inspiration from Alissa’s wealth of ideas and boundless energy when she presents her sessions at FILEX 2012. Choose from:

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  • Dance Mash Up! (with Julz Arney, Zosha Piotrowski & Rebecca Small) ● C3E

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