// Go Lo, go hard, go fun!

It’s time to ditch misconceptions about low impact exercise being boring or unchallenging. With a touch of imagination, low impact routines can form athletic and fun-filled workouts says Ceciley Lyon.

Mention the words 'low impact' to any energetic group fitness enthusiast and chances are you'll be met by a polite smile and a look of slight disappointment. There is a widespread perception of low impact routines not being as athletic or interesting as high impact routines. Au contraire! With a little imagination and style, low impact routines can form the basis of a fun-filled and effective workout.

Athletically speaking, low impact exercise allows for more joint flexion, especially in the knees, as the music is at a lower BPM of around 125 to 135. This is ideal for squatting type movements, hip rotation and spinal flexion. Style-wise, the lower BPM allows you to incorporate different dance styles to dazzle up your routine, such as Latin dance, street dance, Broadway or whatever else takes your fancy!

Here are two 16-count sequences I call 'Mambo around the world' and 'Repeater 3-2-1'. Put both sequences together to create a 32-count lead leg change block (the ‘Repeater’ sequence changes lead leg).

Sequence: Mambo around the world

1 6 (3-count march out and in on both R & L, like a side salsa step without the pause in the middle) Side mambo. Face side, right leg lead.
2 4 Normal mambo. Face back, right leg lead.
3 6 Side mambo. Face other side, right leg lead.


Sequence: Repeater 3-2-1

4 6 3 knee repeater. Face front, right leg lead.
5 & 6 2 Left leg walk across to 2 knee repeater, left leg lead. Option: forward spin instead of walk
7 & 8 2 Right leg walk across to a single step knee-lift, right leg lead.
Option: forward spin instead of walk

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You are now left leg ready to begin 6-count side mambo sequence facing other side, followed by the 3-2-1 repeater sequence on the left. Don't forget your booty-shakin' hips in the mambo sequence!

Ceciley will be going low and stepping up when she presents at FILEX 2011. Choose from:

• Step stylin’ (A1S)

• Lock & LOW’d (B2R)

For program information see pages 39 & 41 of your FILEX brochure or visit www.filex.com.au where you can view the entire brochure and register online.



Ceciley Lyon
Ceciley has over 17 years experience as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer and is known for her vibrant, creative instructing style. She has an extensive background in music and dance and is passionate about freestyle group exercise, actively involving herself in instructor mentoring. Ceciley teaches at Sydney’s leading fitness facilities and also runs her own fitness consultancy business SMARTMOVE.