// Going for Gold in 2012

With access to the FILEX Convention, the Business Summit, the Business Breakfast, and more besides, the Business Gold Pass package is the most comprehensive and cost-effective way to experience everything that FILEX 2012 has to offer.

Designed for fitness business owners and managers, the Gold Pass provides you with full registration to the three-day convention (featuring presentations from some of the article authors featured in this issue of Club Network), use of the Business Lounge and unlimited access to the Australian Fitness & Health Expo. Even better, it also includes a place at the 2012 FILEX Business Summit AND a seat at the Business Breakfast. Designed to give you the most bang for your buck, the all-inclusive Gold Pass is your ticket to the most essential weekend on the fitness business calendar.

Business Summit / Thursday 26 April

From Thomas Plummer and Nigel Champion to Rowdy McLean and Darren Hill, the 2012 Business Summit boasts an impressive presenter line-up. What you learn from their collective experience and deep business understanding will strengthen your leadership skills and help you truly engage both staff and members – the key to business profit and success. Taking place at the stunning Doltone House at Jones Bay Wharf on Sydney Harbour the day before the 3-day FILEX Convention kicks off, the Business Summit includes a networking lunch and refreshment breaks throughout the day, providing great opportunities to connect with fellow club owners, managers and industry movers and shakers. The program features:

Where there is chaos, there is opportunity with Thomas Plummer
More has changed in the fitness industry during the past few years than in the previous 30. Increased competition, low-priced competitors, the advent of functional training and the decline of traditional price models have all resulted in an industry seeking direction. In this fascinating session, fitness business icon Thomas takes a unique look at the trends that are rocking the industry, and provides original insights into finding opportunity in the chaos.

Play a bigger game – What drives motivation, execution and results? with Rowdy McLean
Knowing what you want, why you want it and how to get it are the keys to a great life. Most people lack the tools, motivation and inspiration to grab life with both hands and fulfil their true potential. Sharing his journey from an average childhood to amazing results, Rowdy reveals the four key drivers of success that will allow you to achieve more, be more, and have more than you ever imagined. Learn not to accept the status quo; understand how to overcome fear; discover how to get from ‘cannot’ to ‘can’ and make things happen every time!

Create a team culture for engagement with Nigel Champion
Having a powerful brand, strong staff and member engagement, great relationships with suppliers and a commitment to your community is only possible if your team members have a common purpose and passion. How can this be achieved? The key is developing a powerful relationship with your staff where they know you will stand by them through thick and thin. Nigel, a pioneer of the Australian fitness industry (and a highly esteemed business owner) discusses the leadership skills to fully engage your team, and achieve a strong, trusted and successful business in the process.

Leave a lasting impression with Darren Hill
Lasting impressions matter. Whether you are in leadership, sales, or delivering frontline health services; the key to business success is how you are remembered. Given the vast amounts of information assaulting our senses every day and the mind-blowing amount of data at our disposal, the question is, ‘are you memorable?’  Author, speaker and behavioural scientist Darren guides you through the science of being memorable, both as a leader and as a business. Discover how to draw people to your service, your product and your message – and how to truly take root in the minds of your customers.

Engage your staff to increase secondary spend Expert panel, chaired by Justin Tamsett
In today’s market relying on membership dues as the sole source of income is generally insufficient to operate a profitable fitness facility. So, it is critical that owner/operators have a clearly defined secondary income strategy. In this enlightening discussion the panellists will outline their most successful secondary income generators, the marketing strategies they have used and how they created a staff culture that fully embraces the secondary spend concept.

Business Breakfast / Saturday 28 April

Attend the Business Breakfast with an open mind and be prepared to tackle one of the industry’s most critical success factors – fitness marketing. Trusty chairperson Emmett Williams leads a distinguished panel of industry experts through a discussion on how consumers think, what motivates them to take action, which promotional mediums are most effective, and which offers are most potent. The breakfast wraps with an individual insight into the hottest marketing idea for 2012 from each expert – all delivered over a piping hot brekkie!