// Groove your life and your body calm

By trusting the natural flow and innate wisdom within your body you can create a personal path to health and vitality, as Misty Tripoli explains.

How important is it for you to cultivate a sense of peace in your body that will permeate your whole life and affect those you come into contact with? The fact is, you can’t expect to have peace in your life if you are not at peace with yourself. It is an unhappy truth that many of us, and our participants and members, are at war with our bodies and our lives. The dis-ease of dissatisfaction is an epidemic. Many people pummel and punish their bodies into submission, abusing themselves with often unsustainable exercise and diet regimes, and letting the fear of security (mostly financial) enslave them into work that doesn’t feed their souls.

I don’t believe this is how life should be. No one was born to dislike their body or live an unfulfilled life, yet it is so easy to catch the dis-ease. This is the truth that drives my work and the creation of The GROOVE Method®. I knew there had to be a better way, so I started to ask big questions like ‘Why is fitness so complicated?’, ‘Who made the rules that control my life?’, ‘Who taught me not to love every cell of my body?’, ‘Why do I feel like I need ‘things’ or to look a certain way to be happy in the world?’. You may have asked yourself the same questions. If you haven’t yet, I hope you do! The impact of answering these questions for yourself is very powerful and starts the process of defining or finding your personal unique GROOVE in your life.

Society has become so tied up with what things ‘look’ like that too many of us have forgotten about what really matters. I don’t know about you, but I want to feel good! I want to live in a body that is vibrant, flexible, supple and strong, but none of those things are possible unless I tune in, take care of myself and spend time developing and cultivating those qualities in my body.

Your unique path to vibrant health is easier to navigate than you may think. It doesn’t have to be complicated, scientific or formulated, and you don’t need to have any equipment or unrealistic restrictions to make it happen. Simplicity is the foundation of The GROOVE Method®. By simply trusting the natural flow and innate wisdom within our bodies we can create a personal path to health and vitality. A large part of this is learning to genuinely love ourselves, which many of us do not know how to do. Through the enjoyment and bliss that comes from allowing your body to move authentically and uniquely to music, you can experience how to use movement as a way to love, rather than punish, yourself.

Dance is organic, natural and in our DNA! Through the catharsis of dance your body and mind are cleared and a new awareness begins. Dancing authentically (your way) can help you transition from the state of internal dialogue, thinking, dreaming and anxiety to a state of connecting and feeling the sensation of who you are.

In my ‘GROOVE your body CALM’ class, I strive to create a space that inspires this type of awareness. I invite and challenge my participants to get out of their comfort zones, flex their capacity to be creative, to trust their instincts and the innate intelligence of their bodies so they can begin to pave their personal path to vibrant health.

Your body is the ultimate bio-feedback machine. It is always communicating to you, sending you feedback on everything from what food you should eat, to how much sleep it needs and what type of exercise is best for it. But you have to learn how to listen to your body. We all have intuition, that sensation or feeling in the body when something just isn’t right or when something is completely right. GROOVING is a way to practice this type of listening and to develop an inner awareness so that every movement you do is perfect and right for you. GROOVING your body opens up the door to letting go of what you think it ‘should’ look like and experiencing the sensation of what it feels like. The truth is, no-one cares what you look like – and if they do, it’s their burden! So dance like no one is watching, create your dreams and love yourself!

The moves and the music

The following songs are very effective at creating an environment in which participants can be creative, authentic and reap awesome health benefits. Incorporating activities for the brain, fingers, eyes, balance, relaxation and flow, the ‘GROOVE your body CALM’ ethos will help cultivate calm, peaceful and delicious bodies. Enjoy!

Swift Sword by Tan Dun (photos 1 to 4)
This song allows you to explore many aspects typically not tapped into in regular fitness classes.


Mind Traffic by Moodorama (photos 5 to 8)


Kikuchiyo to Mohshimasu by Pink Martini (photos 9 to 13)



Misty Tripoli
Co-founder and creator of The GROOVE Method®, Misty is one of the world’s most innovative and engaging fitness instructors, choreographers and mind/body specialists. Touted as one of the most creative, controversial and influential instructors of our time, Misty uses her passion and creativity to inspire positive change towards simplicity in a very complicated industry. For more on Misty, visit www.MistyTripoli.com and for upcoming training in Australia and information about The GROOVE Method® go to www.theGROOVEmethod.com