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To build a successful, and enduring training business you occasionally need to take time out to work on your business as well as in it. The FILEX 2013 PT Gold Pass is the most time- and cost-effective way to do just that, providing access to the PT Business Summit, the PT Breakfast, the 3-day FILEX Convention, the Australian Fitness & Health Expo and more besides.

Ideal for PTs and studio owners, the Gold Pass provides full registration to the three-day convention (featuring presentations from the authors featured in this issue of Personal Trainer Network), use of the Business Lounge and unlimited access to the Australian Fitness & Health Expo. Add to this a seat at the 2013 FILEX PT Business Summit and a spot at the PT Breakfast, and it’s clear the all-inclusive Gold Pass is your ticket to the most essential weekend on the fitness industry calendar.

PT Business Summit – Thursday 18 April

The brand that you develop, whether you are sole operator or a PT business owner, is one of your most valuable assets. By growing, nurturing and protecting it you will significantly increase the value of your PT business. After Alisha Smith kicks off this jam-packed day with a fascinating snapshot of today’s PT scene, Michelle Bridges reveals how she became one of the most recognised fitness brands in Australia, and branding expert Greg Hurst teaches you how to create and add value to your PT brand. Followed by the PT Business Summit Forum, where three respected PT business owners outline, in just 20 minutes each, their thoughts on creating, growing and protecting their brand. After a delicious lunch, Canadian industry expert Helen Vanderburg discusses how to differentiate your business through service, and business and life coach Melony dos Remedios rounds off the day by showing you how to make the most of the time spent on, and outside of, your PT business.

From gym floor to greatness with Michelle Bridges & Bill Moore
Michelle Bridges was a LES MILLS instructor and personal trainer before being invited to be a trainer on Channel Ten’s The Biggest Loser. She is now a household name. The Michelle Bridges brand did not happen overnight: it was nurtured, protected and developed into one of Australia’s most recognisable brands in health and fitness. Join Michelle and her business manager and husband, Bill, to learn from their experience developing the Michelle Bridges brand and take home a wealth of tips to establish a PT brand that will enable you to successfully grow your PT business.

Branding Impossible: create a personal brand with impact with Greg Hurst
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to build a business brand. Successful branding is often sought but seldom found. Branding can – and should – be simple. Whether you are an individual trainer or large studio operator, the principles are the same. Greg has worked with a range of fitness businesses to establish or improve their brand, including Australian Institute of Fitness, LES MILLS International, Zest Health Clubs, Healthy Inspirations, Australian Fitness Network and Wild Women on Top. Join him as he introduces the branding fundamentals, provides you with a simple yet sophisticated brand architecture template and encourages you to accept your brand mission.

The invisible service with Helen Vanderburg
Success in business depends on your ability to not only provide quality training programs, but to deliver your service in a way that differentiates you in the busy PT market place. In this entertaining session, Helen reveals how paying close attention to the ‘details’ of your service will keep your clients happy and prevent them from even considering ceasing their training with you. Take away the know-how and skills to retain clients and get more referrals by applying the simple, yet often forgotten, skills of ‘invisible service’.

Balancing act: achieving work life balance as a successful PT with Melony dos Remedios
The life of a PT is both physically and emotionally demanding. Without work life balance strategies in place many trainers find themselves exhausted, devoid of the time or energy to invest in their own happiness and wellbeing. In this session Melony provides the tools and strategies you need to balance your working life with the things that bring you joy. Learn where to invest your energy for maximum benefit, discover how to overcome the seven roadblocks to achieving work life balance, and gain the confidence to decide and work on what is changeable.

PT Summit Forum: Establishing, growing and protecting your PT business with Rob di Francesco, Heidi Dening &
Andrew Simmons
Taking inspiration from the phenomenally successful TEDTalks, FILEX Forums feature three industry leaders presenting their unique ideas in just 20 short minutes. Concise, revealing and thought-provoking, you’ll leave with a head full of ideas that will prompt you to re-evaluate your thinking on key industry issues. Join three successful, but incredibly varied, PT business owners and share in their journeys of establishing, growing and protecting their respective training businesses. Learn from their triumphs, mistakes and lessons learnt, and leave with renewed passion for your own training business.

PT Breakfast: Training Methodology Showdown!

Saturday 20 April

The manner in which you train each and every client combines to create your individual training philosophy. This philosophy may be borne of a conscious decision to follow the methods of an established system, program or expert, or it may evolve over time as a result of a number of influences. Join Ian O’Dwyer, Andrew Simmons and Graeme Beath at the PT Breakfast: Training Methodology Showdown, to hear their thoughts on their preferred training methods. Is it the tried and tested traditional approach, the popular high volume/high intensity approach (i.e. CrossFit), or the relatively new integrated/holistic approach. All of these and more are debated over a piping hot brekkie!

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