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It’s great to be back for Network eNews in 2015! This issue’s tip is all about setting a class objective.

Putting together a successful class requires a healthy balance of variety in exercises, contrast, effectiveness and repetition. All the characteristics and elements of effective choreography are organised create a workout that has purpose and functionality.

Before your next class, think of a goal you want your participants to focus on or achieve. Your goal statement could be as simple as asking your class participants to focus on knee alignment with side-to-side movements.

During the workout refer back to your goal where a specific move or exercise sequence highlights this particular objective. By setting a specific goal in each class you can help participants achieve tangible results which can enhance their sense of achievement. Over time, by focusing on different aspects of exercise execution in each class, you can help participants improve their overall form as well as the results they obtain.

Until next time, stay healthy and happy!

Kinnie Ho

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