// Hi energy hip hop

by Michelle Dean

It’s a new year, so I imagine that if your group ex participants are anything like mine, they, and you, will be eager for some fresh new choreography to get 2007 off to a fun start. Well, if it’s effective and exhilarating ideas you’re after, look no further. The following funky combo is not only simple, it’s also infectiously enjoyable, and when the movements are teamed with dynamic music you have the recipe for guaranteed success. The following tunes work brilliantly with these moves:
  • Black Eyed Peas – Pump It
  • Rihanna – SOS
  • Bob Sinclair and Cutee B – Rock This Party.
In order to maximise the workout value, the following sequence is 64 counts in total. This allows you to focus more on enjoying the journey, the music and moves, and less on unnecessary complexities.

The combination is recommended for beginner to intermediate HiLo classes and possibly as a fun finale to any HiLo class. I have used this myself in an instructor training session on ‘Making intro interesting’.

It seems that freestyle is starting to make a comeback in Australia, and not a second too soon! With this in mind we would be wise to remember what lead to its (partial) demise to begin with (i.e., overly complex combinations that the market was not demanding and inconsistent instructor skills). So, by keeping the emphasis on fun, achievability and fitness, we are more inclined to succeed in bringing freestyle back into the limelight – and this high energy hip hop is a great way to start!


Michelle Dean
Michelle is a leading international presenter who has been teaching for 18 years. She is currently the in-house instructor trainer for California Fitness in Hong Kong. Michelle is recognised worldwide as a former co-host of ‘Aerobics Oz Style’ and is a TRAX sponsored instructor. She is also a Nike chief trainer and a Les Mills BODYCOMBAT® and BODYPUMP® trainer.