// Hire a nerd to boost your PT business

by Andrew May

One of the hottest topics in small business operations right now is ‘using technology to make you efficient, versus taking too much time to learn new technology applications’. To really grow your business and earn a minimum six figure income annually, you need to work on being productive and efficient. It is impossible to really leverage your business if technology is not your friend. This doesn’t mean you have to become a techno-geek, but it does mean that you need to know someone who is – and recruit them to help you with the IT applications that are probably eating into too much of your time and taking you away from doing what you do best – health and fitness.

Technology – help or hinder?

Think about your training business and ask yourself the following questions;

1. Do you use technology to really leverage your business?
2. Do you have efficient back-end systems and templates that can be accessed with the click of a mouse?
3. Do you have an efficient database?
4. Do you know shorts cuts and use macros on your computer?

5. Do you have your technology platform set up so it takes little time and effort to get things done?

Charlie, our IT support person, is great at IT and making our systems work, but he would be a terrible personal trainer. Charlie is trained in IT; this is his specialty. If you answered predominantly NO to the above questions, hiring a nerd will be one of the best things you can do to boost your business.

Hire a nerd!

I recently read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald entitled ‘Personal trainers cut executive cyber-flab’. The article discussed how time-poor executives are turning to personal e-trainers for one-on-one technology mentoring. This enables them to adapt their well-honed time management skills to utilise the technology before them to its fullest; making technology work to increase productivity. Nerd is the new black. Nerds have the knowledge to increase productivity through technology and are not afraid to use it. While we now have Charlie from www.nerdsonsite.com.au, a few years back I didn’t have a Charlie we could call whenever we needed.

Boffin for barter

Several years ago, I was really struggling with technology and didn’t know how to set up PowerPoint templates, how to use Outlook properly, how to link my PDA to my laptop or how to decide which system to use for my home office. And the list went on and on.

I met Roger at the corporate fitness centre I was running at the time. He worked for Microsoft, so to say that he knew a lot about computers is something of an understatement; Roger was a technological wizard. I began to realise that just as he needed me to increase his fitness, I needed him to turn my IT frustrations into advantages. I was struck by a brainwave; ‘Hey Roger – you need a hand with your health and fitness and I need a hand with technology. So how about we do a deal where we spend one hour with each other a week?’ I asked; ‘Love to,’ was his response.

For the next three months Roger and I met once a week. I’d give him a personal training session and then he’d give me a lesson in computing and IT. Each week I prepared a list of the issues that I wanted to cover and we’d tackle them one by one – it was awesome! After three months I had learnt more about computers, shortcuts and applications than I had in the previous 15 years. And Roger was the fittest he had ever been in his life. We were both happy and got heaps out of the arrangement. So, if you’re really struggling to use technology efficiently, hire a nerd to transform your tech-frustrations into techadvantages. It could just be the best thing you’ve ever done for your business!


Andrew May

Andrew is one of Australia’s most popular corporate speakers and is the founder of PT Plus, a consultancy encouraging health and fi tness professionals to make more money, in less time, doing what they love. For more information visit www.ptplus.com.au