Incredible nutrition focus at QLD’s only fitness convention!

You know that the success you achieve with your clients is partly to do with how you train them and partly to do with what they eat. So if you work in Queensland you’ll be very interested in this. Australian Fitness Network’s upcoming QFit fitness convention in Brisbane (24-25 October) presents a remarkable opportunity to hear from some of our industry’s leading minds – Matt O’Neill, Cam McDonald and Tony Boutagy – on the always hotly debated topics of nutrition and weight loss.

Check out these cutting edge sessions that the guys will be presenting in a few weeks’ time:

Fat loss inferno: maximise metabolism with diet, exercise and supplements, with Matt O’Neill
Discover what really boosts metabolic rate, both safely and effectively. Renowned dietitian and nutritionist Matt reveals how many calories are actually burnt by exercise, muscle, chilled water, green tea and other fat loss techniques.

Is Paleo the way? The pros and cons of eating like a caveman, with Matt O’Neill
What exactly is the Paleo diet? What’s on and off the menu? There’s a lot of information, and misinformation, about this approach to eating, so Matt is making it his mission to separate fact from fiction. Hear the very latest evidence about benefits and risks, and get answers about leaky gut, alkaline diets and other Paleo nutrition rules.

Weight Loss 2015: What do we know? with Tony Boutagy
Tony discusses our current understanding of how and why humans increase fat mass, why obesity is growing at epidemic proportions, and why fat loss can be so difficult for many over the long term. Modern theories on weight loss are examined, with an emphasis on how to preserve muscle tissues while in energy deficit, the role of energy balance, the carbohydrates and insulin theory of weight gain, gut microbes, hormone imbalances and the effect of insulin resistance. Tony will also present practical exercise, lifestyle and nutrition guidelines.

Genetics, exercise and nutrition: essentials of future health, with Cam McDonald
The world of health is changing. Not only do we understand more about the human genome, but we are also seeing what happens when that genome interacts with the environment. Exercise physiologist and dietitian Cam explains the genetic changes that occur in different bodies, and reveals how you can use some simple tools to better tailor your programs to the individual needs of each client.

When nutrients, movement and psychology unite, with Cam McDonald
The three essential ingredients to health did not used to be separated: they were intertwined and woven into the fabric of our culture. Modern research separated them, and in turn diluted their power. Cam explains how you can harness the power of all three by gaining a greater understanding of the crossover of these modalities, from the biology to the behaviours.

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