// Indoor Cycling Choreography: Sounds like a plan

by Effe Diamond

Eager new cycle instructors may be at risk of developing bad habits because; a) they are unsure of how to put a class together and; b) they do not receive consistent evaluation and development from their group fitness managers.

For those new to cycle instructing, it is best to start by devising a simple-to-follow framework, and then to fill in the gaps (riding positions, choreography, music, verbal/non verbal cues, leg speed, load level and intensity). The basic class plan below is an example of this framework, and will give you a better understanding of how to begin structuring your classes.


Effe Diamond, BA (Visual Arts) DipEd
Effe has more than ten years teaching experience in group fitness. She is currently a Group Fitness Coordinator for Fitness First where she also conducts instructor training workshops. Both a national and international presenter, she is an Australian Fitness Network master trainer for the I.C.E indoor cycle program. Effe is passionate about the development, education and training of instructors.

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