// Indoor cycling choreography - Specific focus

by Claire Norgate

When designing a track within your cycle class, think of the RPM, riding terrain, music style, time interval and motivation. Each track you choose must have a specific focus.

Be clear with your track goal; know precisely what you will be doing to each beat of the song. Freestyle cycle does not mean unplanned – the choreographed approach will always provide a better class environment. Try to also develop a flow whereby one song and one riding profi le mixes smoothly into the next. Avoid breaks between songs that interrupt the fl ow and your connection with the class.

Choose songs that appeal to a wide audience. Remember, music that works well in a class environment is not necessarily your favourite to listen to in the car. You can ride with the feel or intensity of the music; however, standing climbs and most hill riding works best when riding on the beat of the music.

Mix up the riding profiles to create different training responses. Really play with different speed options. If you have three different seated climbs in your class plan, use a different speed for each track. Do the same with seated flat and standing work. That way you will create variety and stimulate an effective training response. Finally, know your music so well that you focus on intensity and relaxation to match the music’s peaks and troughs.


Claire Norgate
An I.C.E (Indoor Cycling Experience) master trainer, Claire has spent the past 25 years studying health and wellness and has a passion for simplifying the complexities of the human body. Her varied occupations, including those of midwife yoga teacher and academic have inspired her to share her knowledge with her peers. Claire currently runs a successful personal training business, teaches group fitness classes and develops instructor training courses.