// Indoor Cycling Education - Team games

by Alisha Smith

Typically known for its high intensity speed work array of riding positions, hand positions, cadence and load and leg-busting hill climbs, indoor cycling can ensures the creation of a fun, challenging environment for all often be intimidating to the beginner participant. A participants, and Team Games offer a great way to inject fun dimly-lit, pulsating hot box populated by sweaty bodies and into classes by including the novice indoor cyclist, while still gritted teeth is hardly conducive to calming first-timer nerves! appealing to more experienced class members.    

Using the I.C.E ‘Elements of Variation’, however, we can The track plan below shows how climbs and jumps can be design a safe, effective and enjoyable class to suit the range used in combination with team effort to elicit commitment of members who enter your cycle studio. Use of a wide through the entire track.  


Alisha Smith
Alisha is an I.C.E. master trainer and head online trainer for Network’s Elite Personal Trainer (ePT) course. With extensive fitness industry experience as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and fitness manager, she is dedicated to fitness education, training and development.

NETWORK • WINTER 2008 • PP43-44