it’s time for change in fitness education

Responding to the need for greater flexibility, choice and support in fitness education, Australian Fitness Network introduces fitnessU.

Introducing fitnessU, the new brand of fitness education launching in July 2014.

FitnessU has been created by Australian Fitness Network – the industry’s membership organisation that has been supporting the careers of fitness professionals for over 25 years.

FitnessU is more than a name change, it’s a way of living.

Previously offering Network ePT and eGX Certificate III and IV qualifications, Network saw the need for greater flexibility, choices and support to encourage more people who are passionate about fitness to pursue a successful and enjoyable fitness education and career as part of their lifestyle.

Why the change – and why now?

With rising obesity, mental health and stress issues crippling the nation, we have seen an increasing number of people who are passionate about health and fitness taking matters into their own hands – building lives and lifestyles, businesses and careers around challenging themselves, others and the status quo to be healthy, get active and have fun doing it.

Fitness professionals hold a unique position in people’s lives that puts them at the forefront of this movement – they are active role models; they are increasingly holistic in their service, working with allied health professionals to look at the whole picture from fitness and nutrition to sleep and stress; they are goal-driven and action-oriented; and many enter the profession because they want to help, inspire and motivate others, and make a visible difference. And they are in demand.

The fitness industry has long promoted the energy and vibrancy of a career in fitness, but the reality is that while it’s rewarding, it’s hard work, you’re always ‘on’ and often on your own. It involves long hours, early mornings, late nights and weekends; it can be a solo affair, emotionally draining without clear performance development and career progression; to build a business, you need to be able to sell and consistently deliver against what you promise; to teach a class, you need to be a presenter and motivator and you need to consistently turn up and perform to build a following.

A need for more fitness professionals. More people wanting to be fit and healthy and inspire others to do so. And a desire for fitness professionals to be more fulfilled in their careers. The perfect recipe for change.

We spoke to a range of fitness professionals as well as people who are passionate about fitness and influencing others, and have considered becoming a fitness professional but haven’t made the leap yet.

We found that people who are passionate about fitness – whether fitness professionals or influencers – have a few traits in common: they have infectious energy that inspires others to be fit and healthy; they constantly challenge themselves and others to improve so they can make a visible difference; and they value their independence and freedom to do what they want to do and be who they want to be. Most importantly, they don’t just sit around and talk about it – they GO FOR IT – in their lives and in their careers.

FitnessU is more than a course, it’s a lifestyle.

Network has developed fitnessU Certificate III and IV qualifications to fit each individual’s lifestyle and way of learning, so they can GO FOR IT in their study, career and life.

We have built upon our renowned qualifications to provide more flexibility and support so people can study around their active lifestyles and current life, work and financial responsibilities, and smoothly transition from study into the workforce.

Network saw this as the opportunity to mobilise our members to be involved in the development of our future workforce for greater fulfilment in their careers; be active role models inspiring others to join the fitness industry; and lead the movement to a healthier, happier Australia!

Ways to GO FOR IT with fitnessU

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2. Share your story – tell us how fitness has enabled you to live the life you want and help others
3. Become a Pro-Trainer – fitnessU is always on the lookout for mentors, particularly in regional areas.
Then when you refer someone to get started with fitnessU, you can help them as their Pro-Trainer.