Latest News & Research: 30 October 2018

This week: The effect of extreme fitness on lifespan • F45 unveils programs for adolescents and over-60s • Fit dads pass benefits to their kids

Fitness and lifespan examined

Is there such a thing as too much physical activity? Researchers from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio set out to investigate whether large amounts of exercise have any bearing on how long a person will live.

A team led by Dr. Wael Jaber, a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic, analysed the link between aerobic fitness and lifespan in 122,007 people.

‘We were particularly interested in the relationship between extremely high fitness and mortality’ explained first study author Dr Kyle Mandsager, an electrophysiology fellow from the Cleveland Clinic.

Overall, higher cardiorespiratory fitness correlated directly with a reduced risk of long-term mortality. Furthermore, the researchers found ‘no observed upper limit’ of the benefits of aerobic fitness.

‘Aerobic fitness is something that most patients can control. And we found in our study there is no limit to how much exercise is too much [...] Everyone should be encouraged to achieve and maintain high fitness levels’ said Jaber.

Source: Medical News Today

F45 unveils programs for adolescents and over-60s

Australian fitness franchise F45 has unveiled a new offering, with specially designed programs for both adolescents and over-60s.

F45X is the latest innovation from the brand, which has grown from just one studio in 2013, to more than 1300 studios across 36 countries, and features Prodigy for 11-18-year-olds and Masters for over 60s.

Rob Deutsch, F45 owner and founder said on-going demand, from both members and franchisees was behind the new model integration.

‘We set up F45 with the goal of changing lives. We’ve been able to achieve that through a number of different mechanisms, however, over time, the input that we received from clients and franchisees was that they wanted to get their parents involved, they wanted to get their kids involved’ Deutsch said.

‘It’s something that’s been on the radar for quite some time but now we’ve finally developed a model that addresses our goals, where we can safely incorporate it and make the initiative really profitable for our franchisees.’

Source: Inside Franchise Business

Fit dads pass benefits to their kids

A new study by researchers at The Ohio State University suggests that fathers can give their children a genetic head start on a healthy metabolism by exercising prior to conception.

‘Even a month or so of moderate exercise before conception can have major benefits to his children’s metabolic health’ said Kristin Stanford, PhD, an assistant professor of physiology and cell biology at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center who led the study; ‘Those benefits include lower body weight, increased insulin sensitivity and decreased fat mass.’

Researchers studied groups of male mice on both normal and high-fat diets, and they found that those who exercised freely had offspring with better metabolic health. The sedentary male mice fed a high-fat diet passed along traits of poor metabolic health and higher glucose intolerance.

‘However, exercise actually reversed that effect’ Stanford said; ‘We did a full small RNA sequencing and saw several classes of small RNA were changed in response to exercise. So it cancelled out the consequences of the father’s poor diet.’

Source: The Ohio State University