Let’s clear up the confusion for new fitness professionals

Here at Australian Fitness Network one of the questions most frequently asked to our Membership team is ‘What do I need to do now that I’ve got my cert IV – how do I start working?’

Ideally, every RTO would provide graduates with a clear guide about what they should do in order to start working in the fitness industry. Perhaps they do, but the information gets lost in all the other stuff they’re learning, and then in the excitement of completing their course.

Either way, to clear up the confusion about what to do – and about the difference between membership with Australian Fitness Network, insurance and registering with a fitness registration body, the new Network Blog post ‘I’ve just qualified as a personal trainer/fitness instructor – what do I do now?’ addresses these questions.

Check out the blog HERE and share the link with any friends, colleagues or staff who are studying to become fitness professionals or who have recently graduated.