Lift it up!

Dance fitness maestro Nathan Short demonstrates his unique movement style and provides some easy-to-follow instructions to give your class a lift!

Group exercise instructors are always on the lookout for fresh inspiration and new ways of getting participants moving and smiling. We all know that dance-inspired fitness has grown in popularity in recent years, partly because it allows participants to not only get their sweat on, but also to feel like they’re having a party!

I firmly believe that by harnessing the full potential of music within the arena of group exercise we can create a truly powerful fitness experience – so much more than just another class. I want participants to eagerly anticipate their class, considering it an addictively fun hour of their day, or week, rather than a fitness chore that they are resigned to doing because they feel like they should. And as we know, participants that are having fun are participants who keep coming back.

How healthy is your Group Ex music?

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This moderate-to-higher level dance fitness routine embodies the positive, uplifting vibe that can make dance-fitness so contagious – in fact, the focus in these moves is on ‘lifting it up.’ The aim is to really get up on your toes and lift up your heels and your hips – putting a spring in your step – or rather, your dance!

The key to mastering this routine is feeling the rhythm – the ‘house’ feel – which is very upbeat, and reflecting that tempo in your body movement.

It’s a little bit different and can take some time to get used to, but persevere and when the rhythm gets you, you’ll know!

Nathan Short, BAppSc (Exercise and Sport Science)
With six years’ experience teaching group exercise and dance, Sydney-based Nathan is now working on his vision of increasing the health and wellbeing of the global community by combining his exercise science and audio engineering backgrounds. For more information visit


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