MEMBER PROFILE: Mark Hurdle, Regional Director of Fitness, NZ

What fitness qualifications do you hold?

Bachelor Degree of Physical Education (BPhEd); Double Major in Exercise Prescription and Sport and Leisure Studies; as well as Level 3 Exercise Consultant and other industry certifications.

Where do you live and work?

I live, and primarily work, in Christchurch with my young family, but frequently travel to our clubs in Wellington, Nelson and Blenheim.

What is your main role in the fitness industry?

As Regional Director of Fitness for CityFitness South and Central Regions I oversee the fitness departments of 16 clubs and 150 PTs.

I run and coordinate a 4-day intensive personal training academy that prepares new trainers for their first day in our clubs. I work with our head coaches and fitness managers to ensure all PTs are developed to reach their potential and positively affect more lives: this includes facilitating the practical component of the international Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) qualification.

How did you get into this industry and how did you arrive at where you are today in your career?

After graduating university in 2010 I started working as a PT with CityFitness. I soon started helping others within the team to be more effective in the way they worked with clients. I realised that this was my real passion and that I could extend my reach by assisting trainers in this way. Eight years later I’m still pinching myself, as it feels like too much fun to be a real job!

What skills are needed in your role?

I constantly need to be future-focused and willing to challenge my staff and my peers to be better than we were yesterday. This constant growth can be a struggle, but the best things in life come from breaking a sweat.

What are the best and worst aspects of your job?

The best part is seeing my managers and the trainers they help develop. I get a real buzz from seeing others succeed, and this constantly inspires me to be even better! The worst bit would have to be time in front of the computer getting caught up in KPIs and seemingly endless emails!

What has been your greatest career challenge to date?

Learning how to motivate people that I don’t see every day. It’s easier when you can challenge someone and see them growing from day to day, but because I oversee a large region, I work remotely from most of the team.

And your greatest highlight?

There have been so many, but the top has to be two head coaches from my region winning the Head Coach of the Year in back-to-back years. Also, seeing one of my rising stars win the Personal Growth Award last year. I work with some special people and it’s always great to see them acknowledged.

What’s your main focus now and what are your goals for the future?

I’m focusing on the skill development of my head coach team. If I can make these key individuals more impactful in their clubs, this will flow through onto their teams. In the future, I want our teams to change more CityFitness members lives, as we strive to make New Zealand the healthiest nation in the world.

Who has inspired you in your fitness industry career?

I’ve always found exercise a crucial part of what makes me who I am. It is what makes me tick, and helps me to be a better person, worker, husband and father. I love it and share it with everyone who will listen. I’m passionate about helping others to create an emotional experience with exercise, that they want to experience again.

What motto or words of wisdom sum up your fitness/life philosophy?

Constant and measurable improvement. By being the best version of yourself today, you create a better tomorrow.

And finally, who would be on your ultimate dinner party guest list?

Jim Carrey would bring the laughter, Peekay from Bryce Courtenay’s The Power of One would bring a level of intensity, Donald Trump would spice things up a bit, legendary body builder Ronnie Coleman would make sure that no food went to waste, and ‘Double All Blacker’ Jeff Wilson, my childhood hero, would round out the guest list nicely.

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