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Australian Fitness Network ePT graduate Simone Campbell was recently recognised as one of 10 ‘Global Personal Trainers to Watch’. Network grabbed five minutes with this very busy lady to find out how she did it.

Where do you live and work?

Towradgi, Wollongong NSW

What is your main role in the fitness industry?

I’m the owner of Summit Fitness Studio.

What qualifications do you hold?

Level 3 Exercise Professional; Group fitness instructor; RPM instructor; personal trainer; Pilates instructor; Level 1 Triathlon Coach; Bronze Swimming Coach; Lifestyle Coach; Certificate IV TAE (Training Assessment and Evaluation); Certified Combat survival instructor, and Leadership and Motivational speaker.

How did you get into this industry and how did you arrive at where you are today in your career?

After a 15-year military career in the Air Force, serving my country all over the world, I decided it was time to settle down when my son became old enough to start school. Transitioning into the fitness industry, my vision for Summit Fitness Studio (SFS) was formed. The primary focus has always been to assist others by ‘changing the way they think about fitness’. This value is embedded into our members’ minds. Since opening we have encouraged, inspired, motivated and assisted over 160 people to enter events such as triathlons, City2Surf, Ironman and more. All SFS members live by the motto ‘Empowering Change’ – not just to their own life but to the lives around them.

Describe your typical day

This is a normal Monday (one of the busiest days of my week!): wake at 5am and have a run/stretch or Pilates workout. Instruct first group class at 5:45, followed by first PT client at 6:30. After getting my three boys off to school by 8:30 I teach another class at 9:30am. Then I conduct lifestyle training at the local youth homeless shelter, before delivering swim training at lunchtime and an afternoon ‘learn to run’ PT session. Then it’s time to pick my kids up from school and take them to various activities before making them dinner. The last PT session of the day is at 7pm, then I’m home to read the kids a book and get them ready for bed before having dinner with my husband. After doing the day’s paperwork I relax for a while before an early bedtime in order to be ready to do it all again tomorrow!

What skills are needed in your role?

Patience; organisational skills; ability to establish individuals’ needs and desires; ability to motivate; a willingness to change; awareness of when to back off!

What are the best and worst aspects of your job?

Seeing my members complete a goal they have chosen is the best thing. Doing paperwork (accounts) and asking for money is the worst aspect – if I could do it for free I would, everyone deserves to have a personal trainer they can afford!

What has been your greatest career challenge to date?

Completing the Ironman event while also training over 100 clients was very demanding – almost as tough as gaining the trust of new youths at the homeless shelter!

And your greatest highlights?

Finishing the Ironman and seeing how all my members and family became motivated by this achievement. Gaining the trust of the young people at the homeless shelter, and going to London to be part of the ‘Top 10 Global Personal Trainers to Watch’ – a very humbling experience!

What’s your main focus now and what are your goals for the future?

To leverage my London experience to motivate others to believe that anything is possible – all you have to do is sign up and try! I am also working with 10 homeless youths to help them achieve their goal of completing the Australia Day Aquathon.

Sum up your fitness/life philosophy

Empowering change. Anything is possible!

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