New treadmill world record set

Fitness equipment supplier Technogym recently hosted the ‘Italian challenge’ whereby three elite athletes, Daniele Barazini and relay team Vito Intini and Ivan Cudin, set the world record for the longest consecutive run on a treadmill in the single and relay categories, respectively.

Daniele Baranzini set the new world record for non-stop running in the single category, covering 148 km in 12 hours while Vito Intini and Ivan Cudin worked together to set the non-stop running world record in the relay race category, running 175 km in 12 hours.

All three athletes achieved this incredible feat using the award winning Technogym RUN ARTIS treadmill.

RUN ARTIS is equipped with a unique running surface which adapts to the style and rhythm of each individual user. The treadmill, equipped with UNITY, a tablet-like interactive display, allows users to enjoy a personalised training experience enabling access the internet, emails, social media and the Technogym Wellness Cloud to help map their progress. The brushless motor technology on ARTIS Run, combined with low friction materials used on the deck and the belt, reduces energy consumption by 30% compared to equivalent products.

Source: Technogym