// Out of the rut and into the groove

by Misty Tripoli

After 15 years of teaching group exercise and trying to copy, mimic and duplicate what I thought was ‘right’ or ‘perfect’, I got to a point where I wasn’t enjoying teaching anymore because I couldn’t quite measure up to the seemingly unrealistic industry standards and the expectations I had created for myself. I was getting to a point where I had to do it my way or not do it at all. I just wanted to twist and wiggle and feel good but was afraid of how my participants would react to such a departure from the norm. Didn’t they need structure and rules and guidelines? And then whose structure, rules and guidelines should I have them follow? Wait a minute – who made up the rules? Not me – actually I don’t really like rules – and the rules and guidelines just seemed to get more and more complicated and rigid. It just wasn’t fun anymore. I was on auto pilot mentally, physically and spiritually.

Then came the turning point when I realised that the pain, the general dissatisfaction with my life, my refusal to accept my body the way it was, my structured mimic-like teaching and my unfulfilling relationships had to change. I didn’t want my life to look like this for one more minute, God forbid another ten years.

I couldn’t help but ask myself, ‘Is this as good as it gets?’ I refused to believe that this was what life was supposed to be for me – something had to change, but how? I didn’t really know what to do so I started to close my eyes and breathe and watch and breathe and watch – and began to be fascinated with me, the wonderment of my existence. I searched myself, questioning everything about the way I was living my life. What am I here for? What is this amazing thing I get to move and play in? Why do I treat it so badly? What will it take to make me happy? I had been looking outside to everything and everyone else for the answers and for my happiness, which is totally ridiculous considering that pretty much everyone else I was associating with was as disconnected and messed up as me. Nobody had it figured out, especially the ones that thought they did! So, what if I stopped looking outside and went in and found my answers within me?


The one thing I did know is that I loved to dance, so to make myself feel good I would go to a studio put on music that I loved and just let myself dance. I needed to heal. I can’t even begin to describe the euphoria and bliss I experienced, and still experience, when I just let go and let the music move me. It was so powerful and felt so good that I thought ‘maybe this is it – I am totally happy and I can flow with life more effortlessly when I’m in the groove’. What I had labelled my ‘problems’ literally disappeared when dance allowed my thinking mind to stop and I got to feel, and just be, totally 100 per cent me. This was it! This was what I was born to do – it had to be. It was effortless, as if I was a puppet and something greater than me was moving through my mind and body.

It was an incredible feeling, and one which I wanted to share with my students. Then, bada bing, bada boom, Body Groove® was born!
Now I am in heaven when I teach. I surprise myself all the time; the more I let go and allow the creative genius that’s in me to play, the more it takes me to places I never thought possible. And the crazy, wonderful thing about it is there is a


Helping others to find their groove is the fuel that energises my love of teaching, and it feels so much bigger than me. I am just a vessel for the love and creative energy of the universe to flow through. It’s the ego in me that wants to control, take credit, get the fame and make it to the top; it’s that part of me that gets scared, worries, judges and compares. It’s nice to drop all of that and just let the magic of the groove take over. When you’re in the groove, fear disappears and bliss takes over.

If you want to find your groove start asking questions. Don’t try to create the answers, just sit with the questions. Who made up your rules and beliefs, and do they serve you or limit you? Spend a few moments in total stillness every day just observing your body magically breathing and your heart beating. YOU ARE AWESOME! Marvel at your own magnificent existence. You are more interesting than anything or anyone else on the planet! Close your eyes and look inwards; when you find the greatness within you, it is reflected back to you in everyone and everything you see. There really is magic in the groove!

Enjoy your journey, and I hope that our paths cross in the future and we can all groove together!

Misty Tripoli
Based in Los Angeles, Misty is the creator of the Body Groove Method®, a Nike Endorsed Elite Instructor and one of the worlds most innovative and engaging fitness instructors, mind/body specialists, dance choreographers and personal trainers. Misty is well-known for her many trademarked revolutionary fitness classes which exude passion for dance, yoga, self discovery, creative expression and meditation. For more information visit www.mistytripoli.com

NETWORK • SPRING 2008 • PP24-26