Positive affirmations? There’s an app for that…

Have you ever promised to regularly remind yourself of your strengths in a bid to live a more motivated and positive life, but broken that promise as soon as it was made? Or perhaps you have clients who lack self-confidence and self-belief, or who continually fretting about inconsequential aspects of their lives?

If so, a new app may be of interest. The I Can Do It App claims to be the world’s first personalised motivation and affirmation system. The creators have designed the app, which has over 400 positive affirmations in 12 different categories, with the objective of re-programming the subconscious with bespoke affirmation playlists. The app is currently the focus of a Kickstarter campaign which is aiming to raise funds towards its further development and promotion.

App creator Jo Richings said ‘We want to help people shrug off all of the negativity they face in their day-to-day lives with the simple affirmations that can turn a paranoid worrier and anxious self-doubter into a get-up-and-go-getter!’

‘After listening to my affirmation playlist for a few weeks, I went from really hating exercise to loving my fitness regime and going to the gym every day. I was pretty amazed at how quickly it worked.’
The human brain has a Reticular Activating System (RAS) which acts as a filter, letting in the information we think we need, and removing the information that we don’t. The idea is that affirmations like those used in the app help to re-program the RAS, sending a message that something is important and needs focus. If someone repeatedly listens to an affirmation about healthy eating for example, the RAS will, theoretically, be alerted to the importance of this and be more determined to realise this goal.

Source:Dakota Digital