// Powerful tips for marketing boot camps

by Jim Labadie

Fitness boot camps continue to grow in popularity throughout Australia as clients are drawn to the reasonably priced and fun alternative to more traditional forms of training. And because they allow personal trainers to earn more per hour than one-on-one personal training, it’s a good idea to think about the viability of running one of your own, if you aren’t doing so already.

If Boot Camps do make an appearance on your training timetable, the following tips will help you to market them successfully.

1. Companies are always looking for products and services to offer at a discount to their employees. Contact businesses in your area and let them know that in exchange for promoting your camp to their staff, you will offer a 10 per cent discount to all of their employees.

This strategy can potentially place your camp’s name in front of thousands of people with almost no effort on your part! You should provide the marketing materials for them to pass onto their staff – nobody can do a better job than you of promoting your camp.

2. Ask the same businesses if they would like you to come in and give a free lunchtime talk about fitness, during which workers can eat their lunch so that you’re not interrupting their routine. Don’t make it a commercial; tailor it to your audience and make the information interesting, easy to understand and relevant to their lifestyles/business.

At the end of the presentation, introduce the subject of your Boot Camp and make a special offer that ends the minute you leave the building. Offer the camp at an introductory price that those with any interest in getting fitter would be crazy to refuse. The aim is to fill your camp with participants. Once it is full, if you do a great job, the word-of-mouth will keep it filled.

3. Create a sense of community by really emphasising teamwork and competition. Take advantage of technology by creating a blog which attendees can visit online to view upcoming workouts and post comments.

Not only does this build camaraderie between those enrolled, it is also a great marketing tool that they can show to family and friends. And if a friend asks them for contact details or information about upcoming camps, they can simply direct them to your blog.

4. Put your money where your mouth is by offering a 100 per cent money back guarantee. It’s a proven marketing strategy which gives prospects a sense of security. This strategy can be a little scary for fitness professionals, but it’s extraordinarily rare for someone to ask for their money back when they know you’ve provided a great product or service. So, provided you create a great fitness Boot Camp, you’ve got nothing to fear!


Jim Labadie
Jim is a fi tness entrepreneur, sales expert and speaker. To discover more about running profi table fitness Boot Camps, visit www.howtoprofitwithbootcamps.com