If you aren’t yet using videos in your marketing and on your website, you’re missing a trick, says Steve Brossman. With minimal financial and time outlay, you can use this tool to increase traffic, referrals and retention.

The facts are in: ignore using videos on your business website at your peril. Cisco Systems recently reported; ‘Internet traffic will quadruple by the year 2014, most of it coming from videos.’ By 2016, an astounding 90 per cent of internet traffic will come from video.

Do these statistics scare or excite you? Smart businesses are using videos to stand out from the crowd, attract more custom and turn their customers into raving fans. Are you?

If you’re not convinced of the value of incorporating video into your business, the following reasons should persuade you.

Your business will get found!

Since Google bought YouTube, videos have become a secret weapon to getting a faster, cheaper and higher ranking on Google. Forrester research stats reveal that you are 50 times more likely to make it onto page one of a Google search if you use video rather than simply text.

YouTube is the second largest search engine and has more searches per day than MSN and Yahoo combined.

You will stand out in a crowded market

When someone clicks on your website or picks up the phone to call you for the first time, they have most likely done the same to three or four other clubs, studios or websites. Why should they buy from you?

The truth is ‘people buy people’, and the fastest way to create a connection before people meet you is via video. A video enables you to show personality, authenticity, professionalism and a caring demeanour.

Websites featuring video have been shown to facilitate up to three times as many conversions as sites featuring only text and static images.

Videos are the fastest non-face-to-face way to build a relationship with someone, and successful health and fitness businesses that focus on relationships have greater retention, referrals and, in turn, profits.

You will increase retention and referrals

If you aren’t 'out there', people can’t talk about you. With the increased simplicity of webcams and improvements in video email, it is now easier than ever to set up a complete video sales and follow-up system that increases conversions, retention and referrals.
Consider what you do when you are emailed a great video or stumble across one online. You forward it to friends. Creating a ‘thank you for enquiring’, follow-up, ‘congratulations on joining’ or ‘well done on your first month’ video is very simple and has the power to create such an impact on the member that they are often passed on to friends.

It’s not too expensive, time-consuming or scary!

Most people don’t get started with video content because they think it is too expensive, takes too long and is too daunting. But, being in the fitness industry, you or someone on your team already talks to and motivates clients every day – and most videos require nothing more than that.

Too many people who embark on using video make the mistake of thinking they need to be slick and polished, like a television presenter, and to talk to or at the camera. However, it’s actually as simple as talking through the camera to the person on the other side and connecting with them. It is the person-to-person, heart-to-heart videos rather than the ‘weather reporter’ style that produces results.

Getting started can cost as little as $300 for High Definition (HD) camera, microphone and tripod, and with editing software becoming easy to use, and starting at less than $100, it is becoming very affordable to get started.

The following are four MUST DO videos for fitness facilities, studios and personal trainers.

1. A website video

With only seven to 10 seconds to grab someone’s attention when they land on your website, a video will help you stand out from the crowd.
The video needs to be personal and welcoming and not just a virtual tour of equipment and facilities.
Give a clear call to action to get the website visitor started on their journey to fitness with you.

2. Follow-up and Thank you videos

Imagine if, after enquiring, either via your website or on the phone, a prospect received an email with a video thanking them for enquiring and telling them that you look forward to seeing them and helping them get started with you. They would be impressed by the service and talk about it with friends, plus they would be far more likely to show up for their initial appointment.

3. Video testimonials

Having other people talk positively about you is one of the most powerful forms of marketing there is. Video testimonials are very powerful as viewers can see the genuine enthusiasm and passion with which people talk about you.
Collect testimonials that cover a variety of aspects of your business, i.e. don’t have them all say the same thing or just say ‘it is a nice place and I enjoy going there’.

Testimonials should address potential objections in prospects’ minds.

4. Staff videos

It is all too common to see photos of trainers and instructors assuming macho poses with arms folded – intimidating body language that says ‘look at me – but don’t touch’.

Instead, each staff member should film a short video displaying their personality and explaining what they do. This is an opportunity for prospective clients to get to know the team, so it shouldn’t be wasted by simply reeling off their names and lists of qualifications.
It is worth noting the experience of one fitness facility that used a video on a website landing page. It connected with the viewers because it was all about them and what they would get – rather than simply showing off flashy new equipment. The result of this was that 50 per cent of the 319 memberships sold in the first 15 days of pre-launch were directly attributable to watching the video and joining online. This led to a significant saving of time which staff would otherwise have spent on club tours and paperwork.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that shooting an expensive, glossy video and placing it on YouTube will be enough to get the masses flocking through your doors. On the contrary: regular, topical, low-cost and personalised videos will enable you to build rapport as well as support your brand identity.

Your use of videos needs to become integral to your fitness business culture, and to provide a compounding effect that can build over a short period of time. As well as being integrated into your marketing strategy, your videos should have a strategy all of their own.

Above all, remember that the aim of every video is to create a greater relationship with your prospects, clients and members. By doing so, you can press fast forward on the prospect-to-member process, and enjoy greater business success.


Steve Brossman
With over 30 years experience in the fitness industry as a club owner, presenter and consultant, Steve is a former Australian Fitness Leader of the Year. He also has more than 20 years experience both in front of and behind the camera. As CEO of Magnetic Digital Marketing, Steve has taught hundreds of business owners how to successfully use videos and digital marketing to build their businesses. For more information visit or email