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Next month (Feb 2015) will see the launch of the Victorian Personal Trainers Industry Leaders Roundtable.

Industry Leaders Roundtables (ILR) have been operating around the world for over 30 years. Active Management has had the license to deliver them in Australia since June 2005.

In 2012, Active Management launched the NSW Personal Trainers’ ILR. Meeting every two months has allowed these business owners to step outside the industry and their business for one day to focus solely on planning and how they can successfully enhance the performance of their business.

In 2015, personal trainers in Victoria will have the same opportunity as clubs and NSW PTs, to join a group of like-minded individuals who are committed to wanting to grow their business.

‘Members of the ILR support, challenge and hold each other accountable in a comfortable environment. Many people don’t see the power of the ILR until they have experienced two or three meetings, and then they never leave!’ said Tamsett.

‘This is the most unique aspect of the ILR. The group must feel they can learn from you and you must be prepared to learn from them. In order for the ILR to be effective it is critical that each group contains no direct competitors. The first people to apply, therefore, determine the Roundtable’s make up. If you are PT business owner who ‘knows everything’ or ‘has a perfect business’ then you will get no value from the ILR. You must be prepared to listen to and learn from others, and the reward will be growth – both personally and professionally.’

To apply for the Roundtable in VIC, click HERE.

Source: Active Management

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