// Reactivate your mojo in 2011!

Whether you’re looking for practical marketing ideas, inspiration to become the best rather than the biggest or a budget-friendly plan for revamping your facility, the 2011 Business Summit will help you by reactivating your ‘mojo’ – the special something that will make your club stand out from the crowd.

The 2011 FILEX Business Summit, held on Thursday 14 April 2011, features four excellent speakers presenting strategies to grow and energise your fitness business. The day opens with Dan Gregory, advertising and creativity expert and regular on ABC TV’s The Gruen Transfer, explaining how to create charismatic marketing campaigns on a shoestring budget. Next up, Derek Barton, the man who made Gold’s Gym a global brand, illustrates how an inexpensive makeover can transform the feel of a facility. After a delicious networking lunch, Karen Woolley, Associate Professor at Queensland University, explores the concept of ‘small giants’ – companies that embrace their charisma and choose to be great rather than big. Following this, Gary Bertwistle, founder of Blue Moon Creative, discusses how maintaining your personal mojo can reverberate through your business. A diverse panel of industry leaders chaired by Justin Tamsett wrap up this fascinating day with an invigorating discussion about their predictions for the state of the Australian fitness industry in 2016.

Arming David – How small business can punch above its weight, with Dan Gregory

Rather than being a lesson about pride preceding the downfall of the big guy, Dan believes the story of David and Goliath is more to do with the ingenuity and mojo of the little guy. Small business often offers strong products or service, but lacks sophisticated marketing. Learn the secrets of the Goliath brands and how a little knowledge and some charismatic leadership can help small businesses market above their weight. Discover what big brands do that small brands should, the 12 critical components to giving a small-to-medium business impact, scale and visibility and how to make your marketing budget appear bigger than it actually is.

Energise your brand with an inexpensive facility makeover, with Derek Barton

We all spend money renovating our homes and investing in lighting, artwork and furnishings that inspire us and make us feel more comfortable. Yet when it comes to their own clubs, not many gym owners put the effort into creating a great atmosphere for their members. In this valuable session, branding maestro Derek reveals how to give your club an inexpensive makeover that will inspire members – and prospective members. Using real life examples, including ‘before and after’ shots of world-class facilities, Derek demonstrates how even the most challenging areas of your facility can be made to look special.

Small giants make BIG things happen, with Ass. Prof. Karen Woolley

Slowly, but surely, successful entrepreneurs around the world are challenging the widely accepted mantra that endless growth is good. These ‘small giants’ have chosen to create companies that are great, rather than big. Small giants focus their business charisma on creating great workplaces, delivering great customer service, nurturing great communities, and enjoying great lifestyles. Karen reveals how to get your fitness business working for all the right reasons by using your energy to become the best in the world at what you do – and reap outstanding rewards as a result.

Date: Thursday 14 April
Time: 8:30am to 5:30pm
Venue: Doltone House – Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont
Price: Network member – $479            Non-member – $549
CECs: 4

Who stole your mojo? (And how you can get it back!), with Gary Bertwistle

Following Karen’s advice for finding your business groove, Gary asks ‘what about your personal mojo?’ Your personal mojo is that little bit of extra energy, the magic that enables you to get the most out of life; it’s the difference between a good day and a GREAT day. Lose your mojo and you will know it – and so will your employees and members. Gary introduces the basics of Mojo Mindset – easy-to-implement tools for reigniting the spark in you and your business. This is the place to learn the real actions that will get your mojo back and drive your business and personal life to reach their true potential.

The fitness industry in a crystal ball, Expert panel chaired by Justin Tamsett

This panel of industry leaders gazes into a crystal ball to make predictions for the state of the Australian fitness industry in 2016. Topics up for discussion include how memberships will be sold; what the service model will look like, and how personal training will be placed within the industry. How will we market our services? Will the percentage of Australians who exercise have increased? And will the challenge of retention have been overcome? By looking to the future you can strategically position your business for greater success.

The Business Summit provides a superb opportunity to get ahead in 2011. To register and to check out the complete FILEX 3-day Convention session program, which commences on the Friday after the Business Summit, go to www.filex.com.au

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