// Sales-boosting WORDS for your WEBSITE

If you aren't using the right words on your fitness website, you may be losing out on business. Lucinda Lions reveals three important ways to write website words that inspire people to take action.

The increased affordability and user-friendly nature of web management systems means that more small businesses and independent fitness professionals now have their own websites. While your visibility and professionalism may be enhanced through your web presence, unless it contains the right message, your site may be little more than window dressing.

One way of turning your website visitors into paying customers is by writing powerful and persuasive website words. The following tips will help you write website words that inspire people to take action.

1. Know who you are writing for

Even before you put your fingertips to the keyboard, it's important to know exactly who you are writing for, or in other words, to know your target market/s. If your market is 'everyone', then your website copy (wording) will be general and diluted, rather than specific and powerful.

For example, if you are a personal trainer who decides to target every person in every age group then your website copy will end up being too general. However, if you target a specific group, say, new mothers, then you need to write words that speak directly to their wants, needs and desires. Your web copy will become specific and powerful, and most importantly, it will inspire people to take action.

Below are small snippets of web copy to give you an idea of how to write in a targeted way.

General copy
An example of writing for everyone.

Do you want to get fit? Are you carrying a bit too much weight? At Optimum Personal Training we can help you achieve all your fitness goals.

Targeted copy (A)
An example of writing for male managerial executives.

Staying on top in business is your goal. Keeping you there is ours.

You lead a team, and you lead them well. So what would happen if your body suddenly let you down?

Your health and fitness is the very machine that drives you, but without adequate care and attention, that machine can break down without warning. Stay on top of your game with Optimum Personal Training.

Targeted copy (B)
An example of writing for new mums.

Give your beautiful baby the greatest gift on earth. The gift of energy. The gift of vitality. The gift of good health.

It's normal to have a few different target markets, just ensure that you dedicate a page to each one of them.

2. Ensure that your copy is scanner-friendly

Unlike printed material, people don't read websites word for word. Instead, their eyes skim across the screen and scan words and phrases that they believe contain useful information. That's why it's important to put persuasive words and phrases in specific places and in a scanner-friendly way.

In order for your copy to be scanner-friendly it needs to include some or all of the following:

  • Headings
  • Subheadings
  • Concise paragraphs
  • Bullet points
  • Words in bold
  • Hyperlinked words (words in blue that lead to another web page when clicked).

When your website visitors are able to scan your copy they:

  • Connect with your site
  • Understand your message
  • Retain the most important messages
  • Action your instructions quickly and easily.

Incidentally, scanner-friendly copy looks very similar to the formatting of the above paragraphs, so use it as a guide if you ever get stuck.

3. Write about the benefits as well as the features

One of the most common mistakes that people make when writing website copy is that they write more about the features of their products and services than about the benefits. The features are the facts about your products or services, while the benefits are the positive outcomes that come from using your products and services. For example…

Feature-driven copy
At Optimum Personal Training we come to you!

Benefit-driven copy
Time is precious. Convenience is priceless.

Get fit without leaving your home or office because Optimum Personal Training comes to you!

As you can see, the facts simply describe and inform, while the benefits persuade and sell.

The benefits also answer a very important question. All customers have one burning question when they come to your website: 'What's in it for me?' The benefits answer this question. So when writing your copy, include a mixture of both the benefits and features, with a strong emphasis on the benefits.

Your web copy can totally rock

There are many factors that will encourage your website visitors to become paying customers. By writing web copy that is targeted, scanner-friendly and benefit-driven, you are taking active steps to creating powerful website copy that sells.

Lucinda Lions
Lucinda is a freelance copywriter and owner of Lion Writing. For your free 80-page eBook The Ultimate Website Evaluation Checklist, sign up for the Lion Writing monthly newsletter, Roar Ingredients, at www.lionwriting.com.au. You'll stay ahead of the pack by being part of the pride.