// Saluting the sun: Hot yoga tips for floppies, flippies and stiffies. A Perfect Practice(TM) article

by Anna-Louise Bouvier

People often think yoga is just about stretching – it’s not! This article looks at one of the most basic, yet often most maligned of all yoga sequences, Salute to the Sun. It comes in many forms (often with a hip flexor stretch) but here we’ll just look at the basic elements. A beautiful, controlled Salute is one of the most powerful core and breath control sequences you can practise, yet people often rush it, considering it a ‘warm up’ routine.

The first PERFECT PRACTICE(TM) tip, consequently, is to slow the sequence down to ensure better execution. Next, you need to be aware of some of the ways yoga participants compensate, so that you can spot these compensations in your class and cue people accordingly.

As a teacher (or even as a student) the most important thing to realise is that every body is different. You can give the same sequence to twenty people and they will all do it differently because their inherent ligamentous tightness (or looseness) is different. Bodies can be divided into the three main groups below.


Anna-Louise Bouvier, BAppSc (physio)

Anna-Louise Bouvier is a physiotherapist, author and speaker. After twenty years dipping in and out of Iyengar she was introduced to Ashtanga yoga which she has embraced passionately, so much so that it has led to her sneaking off at ungodly hours in the morning and considering learning Indian chants! Her real catharsis has been discovering how hard something that looks so easy can be.