// Step odyssey: Experience the journey

by Min Lomo

Odyssey (n). a long series of wanderings or adventures, especially when filled with notable experiences… Dictionary.com

After discussions with numerous freestyle Step instructors and coordinators, we recently concurred that freestyle Step is still very popular with members – at least in the facilities that still feature Step classes on their timetable. Many members would like to see more Step classes featured, but few instructors would disagree that the financial resources for freestyle Step are drying up. On many occasions this has resulted in Step classes being omitted from timetables, much to members’ despair. Although this issue will not be resolved in the short term, rest assured that educational institutes and fitness facilities in Sydney are working to ensure that freestyle Step classes remain on the timetable way into the future – hopefully the same story will be true across the country.

So, let’s focus on the elements which make our Step classes so popular with our participants, inspiring them to return week after week. That’s right – it’s the experience! The class experience is the most important factor in ensuring regular attendance by members. You can create the most physically challenging and technically competent class, but if you fail to make it a rewarding experience then you can’t count on your participants becoming regular ‘raving fans’. Creating a positive experience along the journey of layering a base move and then reaching and performing the end product is a very rewarding exercise. Step Odyssey is a snapshot of a typical class that bears all of these aspects in mind. Enjoy!

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Min Lomo
Min is manager of the Stadium Fitness Centre and has had over 15 years of experience in the fi tness industry as a group exercise coordinator, instructor and personal trainer. His passion for freestyle group exercise makes him one of the most sought after instructors in Sydney’s leading fitness facilities.