That Sugar app…

The George Institute for Global Health, in partnership with Madman Production Company, the producers of the recent documentary That Sugar Film, has launched ‘That Sugar App’, a free smartphone app to help consumers calculate the amount of sugar they are eating.

The app converts the total grams of sugar in everyday food and drinks to 'teaspoons' that can be added to a daily tally to help consumers track and moderate their sugar intake.

While in production on That Sugar Film, director and star Damon Gameau saw a pressing need for a tool that would help audiences act on the key message of the film: to be mindful of and reduce the amount of hidden sugar we are consuming when we eat packaged foods, particularly those that are marketed as 'healthy' but are in fact laden with sugar.

In addition to providing information on the sugar content of everyday food and drinks, the app also lets users track daily sugar consumption (displaying it in a simple 'teaspoon' graphic), participate in 'That Sugar Challenge' by setting a teaspoon goal and the length of time for the challenge, and share progress on Facebook to inspire others to explore how much sugar they are consuming and reduce their own intake.

Powered by the largest independent packaged food products database in Australia, the database includes approximately 90 per cent of food products on the shelves of major supermarkets in Australia.

‘Using technology to empower Australians to make better food choices helps address one of the nation's toughest health challenges’ said Professor Bruce Neal, senior director at The George Institute for Global Health: ‘That Sugar App puts a much needed spotlight on sugar, which is added to the food supply in huge quantities. By combining the message of That Sugar Film with an engaging smartphone app I hope we can deliver some powerful educational and policy outcomes.’

The app is available on the App Store and Google Play. For more details click HERE.

Source: The George Institute for Global Health