The golden rule for success in 2012

With access to the PT Business Summit, the PT Breakfast – not to mention the FILEX Convention – and more besides, the PT Gold Pass package is the most comprehensive and cost-effective way to experience everything that FILEX 2012 has to offer.

Designed for personal trainers and studio owners, the Gold Pass provides you with full registration to the three-day convention (featuring presentations from some of the article authors featured in this issue of Personal Trainer Network), use of the Business Lounge and unlimited access to the Australian Fitness & Health Expo. Better still, it also includes a place at the 2012 FILEX PT Business Summit AND a seat at the PT Breakfast. Designed to give you the most bang for your buck, the all-inclusive Gold Pass is your ticket to the most essential weekend on the PT business calendar

PT Business Summit / Thursday 26 April

From Casey Conrad, Darren Hill and Tara Diversi to Steve Jensen and Fiona Cosgrove, the 2012 PT Business Summit has a brilliant line-up of presenters from both within and outside of the fitness industry. By diving into their wealth of knowledge you can take home a mass of instantly useable information to build a better PT business in 2012. Taking place at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre the day before the 3-day FILEX Convention kicks off, the PT Business Summit includes a networking lunch and refreshment breaks throughout the day, providing great opportunities to connect with fellow trainers, PT business owners and industry movers and shakers. The program features:

Lasting impressions with Darren Hill

A key to your success as a personal trainer is how well your programs and your messages are remembered. We live in an information-rich age, which has increased the need to be memorable. For any small business, lasting impressions matter now more than ever. So, in a highly visible and competitive fitness industry, how are you leaving a lasting impression with your clients? Author, speaker and behavioural scientist Darren guides you through the science of being memorable, both as an expert and as a small business. Discover how to draw people to your service, your product and – most importantly – your message.

Getting to 'Go'! with Tara Diversi

Clients often know what to do to achieve their fitness goals – but they simply don't do it! As well as delaying the benefits of training, this can cause a lot of frustration to you, their trainer. The best PTs don't just know the best exercises to prescribe for each individual, they also use the power of influence and persuasion to facilitate positive results. Discover why your clients do what they do, and how you can use the wisdom from consumer psychology, behavioural economics and marketing to become more influential and persuasive in getting your clients to 'Go'.

Use Facebook to grow your PT business with Casey Conrad

Do you have a hard time quantifying whether your Facebook presence is actually helping you reach more prospects? Casey reveals how you can use Facebook to drive more prospects and ultimately get more clients. Learn: simple tricks to gain maximum exposure; new 'programming' features that turn your Facebook into a mini website (and why that's important); how to establish a comments box that will help you reach more potential prospects; how to use 'Tags' to create tremendous social proof with members and their friends; and one simple promotion that will help you generate a killer referral program.

The ultimate conversion: from trial session to paying client with Steve Jensen

Providing trial personal training sessions is one of the easiest ways of generating more clients. Unfortunately, poor sales strategies and closing sequences result in many lost opportunities. Discover how to qualify each trial PT session to maximise your income potential, and learn training strategies proven to encourage the conversion of prospects into clients. Take home a closing sequence with the power to instil the desire to continue training with you in every prospect, and learn how to use a price presentation technique that will make your services indispensable.

Coaching clients to dramatic lifestyle change with Fiona Cosgrove

Most clients know what they should be doing to improve their health and wellbeing, so why aren't they doing it? Fiona provides new tools to break through client stigmas, and explains how to incorporate them into your training business. Learn how coaching can change the way the brain responds, placing the client in a completely different mental state than when they are being 'told' what to do, and enabling a sense of empowerment and enhanced performance. Gain an understanding of how wellness coaching differs from traditional personal training models, by adding value for clients and opening up new markets for your business.

PT Breakfast / Saturday 28 April

Do you isolate? Do you integrate? Is there scope for both? Tough questions to consider over bacon and eggs… In this debate, chaired by Mark Davis, the panel consisting of Tony Boutagy, Michol Dalcourt, Mark McKean and Paul Taylor argue the virtues of their preferred training approach. Hear the passion and feel the pump as the case for curls is put forward. Marvel as experts attempt to apply the benefits of wood chops to every aspect of daily life… Join Mark and the panel around the breakfast table as these industry greats duke it out. Plus, you can get involved in the debate as the floor is opened to questions. A thought-provoking start to the day where the debate will be as hot as the brekkie!

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