The ultimate weekend for your fitness business

Taking time out to work on your business can be tricky, but it is something the most successful business owners strive to do. The Business Gold Pass package provides access to the FILEX Convention, the Business Summit, the Business Breakfast and more, making it the most cost-effective way to experience FILEX 2013 in its entirety.

Ideally suited to fitness business owners and managers, the Gold Pass provides full registration to the three-day FILEX convention (featuring presentations from authors featured in this Club Network), a seat at the 2013 FILEX Business Summit, and a place at the Business Breakfast. Plus, it gives you full access to the Business Lounge and unlimited access to the Australian Fitness & Health Expo throughout the weekend. Providing unbeatable value, the all-inclusive Gold Pass is your ticket to fitness industry’s most essential weekend of the year.

Business Summit – Thursday 18 April sub head

The Summit provides owners, managers and operators with inspirational ideas and strategies, as well as the tools to overcome common obstacles. Serial entrepreneur Creel Price, specialist health club architect Rudy Fabiano, successful businesswoman Anna-Louise Bouvier and international club consultant Paul Brown will share their wisdom on how to succeed in the game of business. Plus, in a new addition, the Business Summit Forum will see three successful operators share their thoughts on the biggest issues they face in their clubs. This stellar presenter line-up will ensure this single day impacts your fitness business for the next 12 months, and beyond.
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The one thing to win at the game of business with Creel Price
Is there one thing that creates more business success than any other? In this powerful session Creel, quoted by Sir Richard Branson in Screw Business as Usual as ‘the living breathing definition of an entrepreneur’, shares key insights from his book The One Thing to Win at the Game of Business – an innovative methodology that is revolutionising how entrepreneurs develop their skills to succeed at business. Discover: The One Solution that enables you to work less and achieve more; The One System that will fast track your business growth; and The One Secret they don’t teach you in business school! Prepare to be challenged and inspired as Creel shares his personal journey from start-up to exit strategy.

Designing to sell with Rudy Fabiano
Design can be a powerful tool in selling. Using key factors that have been proven in retail and hospitality research, internationally acclaimed New York architect Rudy focuses on how you can design, organise and present your club for increased sales, retention and customer satisfaction. A consumer shift in expectation and purchasing trends has given rise to an opportunity to move from the current model of selling what we want, to selling what our customers want. Rudy tracks the hottest fitness trends, and explains how you can effectively design and present these programs in a retail-based environment to drive profits and expand your market base

What’s coming next – and how to either be it, or beat it! with Paul Brown
The business of fitness continues to get ever more competitive. It seems as if almost every day a new niche, nuance, format or business model appears on the scene. While some are making big noises, others are deliberately flying under the radar. Globetrotting fitness business guru Paul exposes the key players among the emerging models and uncovers their ingredients to success. Discover how you can either get on board with these new trends – or adapt your business to grow and protect your own piece of the pie.

Build it, grow it, sell it, lead it with Anna-Louise Bouvier
Author, Physiocise executive director and Today show ‘Feel Good Physio’, Anna-Louise started her highly successful Physiocise practice in 1995 and sold it, under licence, 15 years later to a long term employee. In 2012 ABC Commercial commissioned her to write and produce The Happy Body DVD, which has since been sold to international Lifestyle Channels, the ABC and SBS, among others. In this practical, informative session Anna-Louise shares the strategies for staff stability, communication, systems management, media opportunities and succession planning that have allowed her to achieve business success while creating a supportive, inspiring environment for her team of staff and colleagues.

Business Summit Forum: The most pressing issue for today’s fitness facilities
with Greg Oliver, Maria Albanese, Jacinta & Justin McDonell
Taking inspiration from the phenomenally successful TEDTalks, the Business Summit Forum features three industry leaders presenting their unique ideas in just 20 short minutes. Concise, revealing and thought-provoking, you’ll leave with a head full of ideas that will prompt you to re-evaluate your thinking on key industry issues. Join three leading club operators from Goodlife Health Clubs, North Adelaide Fitness Centre and Anytime Fitness to discover which issues and business developments are prominent in their minds, and be inspired to question whether the same issues are applicable to your fitness operation.

Business Breakfast: Meeting of the Minds – Retention, Contracts and Pricing

Saturday 20 April

The 2013 Business Breakfast brings together leading business minds to focus on three topics at the forefront of every owner/operator’s mind: retention; contracts; and pricing. Emmett Williams starts things off by asking whether the focus of your staffing and budgeting should be on sales to new members or the retention of existing ones, and reveals how a comprehensive sales system can actually incorporate a membership retention culture. Next up, Nic Monteforte asks whether, with the growth of low service clubs offering no-contract options, the time has arrived for full service clubs to review traditional member contracts, and weighs up the pros and cons of a more flexible approach. As you finish your coffee, Rick Mayo looks at how pricing has become an increasingly important determinant of whether someone joins your club, and explains how to be creative with your pricing without getting into a price war with competitors.