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Marie Anagnostis of Accomplice Accessories  tries her hand (and feet) at the latest group workout from Les Mills.

SPRINT is the new cycle class by Les Mills: 30 minutes of high intensity interval cycle training (HIICT I guess?)

Always up for experiencing a new workout, I tried it over the weekend. Verdict: if you love cycling you will love SPRINT – and if you hate cycling, you will love SPRINT.

The first thing that struck me was that the male instructors were not wearing lycra: win. In the introduction we were told to forget everything we know about other cycle classes: easy, I don’t know my peloton from my… other cycling words.

RPM is to cycling as SPRINT is to fitness. RPM uses specialised cycling terminology and imagery of an outdoor ride, whereas SPRINT brings the cycle workout indoors and makes no apology for being a stationary bike fitness workout. For example, in SPRINT, the resistance is either light moderate or heavy. During my workout I found that I was either pedalling as fast as I could, as heavy as I could or I was at a dead standstill for recovery. Tracks were clearly explained as being five sets of 40 seconds with 20 seconds recovery; a perfect, simple-to-grasp concept when oxygen to your head is at a minimum.

And just like that the 30-minutes of SPRINT were over – not a minute too soon, but in a good way.

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