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If you spend hours training clients outdoors, you’ll be only too aware how important it is to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare. The high levels of UV radiation from the Southern Hemisphere’s sun make it essential that you give your eyes the right kind of protection while also offering the best visual clarity.

Wraparound sunglasses that fit securely onto your face are ideal when you’re running, jumping and demonstrating rapid movements to clients. Both green and black tinted lenses are useful for many outdoor activities because they reduce glare and ease eye strain. They also transmit all colours evenly and can be worn in any weather conditions.

Eyewear supplier VisionDirect has many options to choose from. Some of the most popular brands sell durable sports eyewear for very reasonable prices such as Oakley, Carrera, Arnette, Spy and Bolle. Dirty Dog, a local Australian eyewear company, also offers a wide range of sports sunglasses for cyclists and outdoors enthusiasts. For extreme sports lovers, Wiley X offers high-tech options for true adrenalin junkies. Check out the range HERE.

For your chance to win a $200 voucher towards your choice of VisionDirect sports sunglasses, email explaining in 50 words or less why your peepers would thank you for the protection. Competition closes on 5 August, so enter now!

Source: Vision Direct

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