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Barbell bicep curl standing on BOSU

Equip: barbell, BOSU
Level: beginner, intermediate, advanced
Start: stand upright on a BOSU, arms at sides, holding a barbell in front of the body with two hands and palms facing up.
Action: raise the barbell to shoulder height by bending the elbows.
End: lower the barbell to starting position.

Dumbbell hammer curls, single arm, hammer grip, standing single leg

Equip: dumbbell
Level: beginner, intermediate, advanced
Start: stand upright on single leg, with one arm at side holding a dumbbell in hammer grip.
Action: raise dumbbell towards the shoulder by bending the elbows.
End: lower dumbbell to starting position.

High tubing bicep curl, single arm, arms raised laterally, overhand grip

Equip: resistance tubing
Level: intermediate, advanced
Start: stand upright next to a piece of resistance tubing attached to a sturdy structure at mid height, with the inside arm raised up to the side to shoulder height, the elbow extended, and holding a tubing handle with palm facing down.
Action: keeping the upper arm raised at the side, curl the tubing handle towards the head by bending the elbow to <90 degrees.
End: return the handle back out in front of the body by extending the elbow.

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