Kathryn Weihen, trainer and assessor for fitnessU, selects three BOSU-based exercises to train the whole body.

Cross over push up with BOSU

Target: chest, triceps
Equip: BOSU Ball
Level: intermediate
Start: adopt a plank position with both feet and one hand on the floor, the other hand raised up on a BOSU, and the elbows extended.
Action: keeping the legs and hips extended, lower the torso towards the floor by bending the elbows. Push the torso away from the floor by extending the elbows. Near the top of the push up, push the lower hand off the floor, bringing the hands next to one another, and shift the torso over the centre of the BOSU.
End: lift the other hand off the BOSU, lower it to the ground and shift the torso down over to the other side of the BOSU.

Bird dog in plank, elbows on floor, feet on BOSU

Target: core
Equip: BOSU Ball
Level: intermediate, advanced
Start: adopt a plank position with the elbows placed on the floor and the feet raised up on a BOSU.
Action: keeping the hips extended, extend one arm straight out in front by raising the arm and extending the elbow. Simultaneously raise the opposite foot off the BOSU by extending the hip while keeping the leg straight.
End: return the elbow to the floor by bending the arm, while simultaneously lowering the raised foot back to the BOSU. Repeat the movements with the opposite arm and leg.

Lateral bound – jump and stick

Target: legs, core
Equip: BOSU Ball x 2
Level: beginner, intermediate, advanced
Start: stand on one BOSU, dome side up.
Action: jump laterally and land on single leg, aim for your point of balance and hold. Repeat.
End: return to starting position.

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