TRAINING FOCUS: suspension training

Inspired by this issue’s Evidence-based Practice feature on page 52, Paul Bulatao, National VET Manager for fitnessU, selects three favourite TRX exercises.

TRX Tricep Press (Level 2) (photo 1)

Start: Feet together, body in a plank position, shoulders down and back, core engaged, hips fully extended, weight on the balls of your feet.
Action: Extending arms straight in front of the chest, maintain a moving plank as you hinge through the elbows and strengthen the triceps, re-engaging the shoulder girdle as needed. You can increase range of motion by bringing hands slightly behind the forehead. Maintain a strong core throughout.
End: Return to start position.

TRX Chest Press (Level 2) (photo 2)

Start: Begin in a feet together standing plank position.
Action: In a moving plank position (alignment at ears, shoulders, knees and ankles) lower the body towards the handles, and re-engage the core as you press back up. Repeat with controlled pace, focusing on a moving plank in the body, and appropriate mobility in the shoulder girdle and arms.
End: Return to start position.

TRX Plank (Level 2) (photo 3)

Start: Begin with feet in the cradles, knees on the ground, elbows on the ground with shoulders pulled down and back into a strong active plank, remembering to engage core.
Action: Extend legs up for a solid plank with elbows below the shoulders. Hold for required period of time.
End: Return to start position.

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