training focus: TRX exercises

TRX hamstring curl (photo 1)

Start: begin with feet slightly or directly under the anchor point in a strong supine plank.
Action: draw ankles in towards the hips with the goal of knees on top of the hips as feet come in. Focus on tension in the core and control in the hips. Aim for full extension in the knees and hips. 
End: return to start position.

TRX lunge (Level 1) (photo 2)

Start: begin by adjusting the suspension to mid-calf level in single handle mode, or putting one foot through both foot cradles. Start about three or four feet in front of the anchor point. Have both hands on the ground either side of your foot.
Action: stand up by driving that leg into the ground. The goal is to get your shoulders and hips to move at the same time.
End: return to start position.

TRX atomic push up (Level 3) (photo 3)

Start: begin from a hands and knees position while core is engaged.
Action: extend the legs and hips up to a strong plank; pull the knees in towards the chest, allowing the hips to rise, then extend back out to a plank and lower down into a push up. Repeat.
End: return to start position.
Progression: you can focus on strength by adding isometric holds at the top of the crunch or at the bottom of the push up, or on conditioning by increasing tempo.

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