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It’s not often that a program with the potential to revolutionise the fitness industry comes along. Yet after witnessing first-hand just how challenging, fun and addictive it can be, that’s precisely what Animal Flow, an innovative ground-based, bodyweight program, looks set to achieve.

From the outside, it’s easy to misjudge what Animal Flow is about – almost anyone can crawl and squat after all, so how special could it be? Pretty darn special, it turns out, as almost 50 fitness professionals found out in the first Australian instructor workshops in February.

Yet calling this just a bodyweight workout does it a severe disservice, because while it’s definitely that, it’s also one part corrective exercise, one part mind-body/neuromuscular communication, and two parts all-round awesome.

Whether you’re a personal trainer, or a group exercise or gym instructor, this program absolutely has something for you. Check out for more information and upcoming workshop dates.

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