Walk tall with perfect posture, with the UPRIGHT GO

A study by Safe Work Australia found that the annual productivity loss due to back or neck pain averaged $3,354 per worker. UPRIGHT GO is a smart wearable device that gives people the power to comfortably train themselves throughout the entire day to become upright, with proper posture.

Slim and unobtrusive, it is placed on the upper back and employs a sensor-led, learning algorithmic model that detects the body’s movements, upper body position and other postural nuances. It emits a gentle vibration whenever the user slouches, therefore prompting and training the user to sit or stand with correct upright posture.

Able to be worn while sitting, standing, walking or driving, this habit-forming device has an accompanying app and can also be put into Tracking Mode to record posture data without emitting vibrations.

For your chance to win 1 of 3 UPRIGHTGO devices (RRP $119.95), email editor@fitnessnetwork.com.au and let us know in 50 words or less why you need to straighten out your posture and walk tall this Autumn!


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