WHAT IS…? Airactive

A new provider-focused digital platform connects clubs and fitness providers with those seeking casual visits, while enabling them to keep control of pricing.

AirActive is a new smartphone app designed to change the way consumers discover, book and pay for their health, fitness and leisure activities. Responding to dramatically changing consumer behaviours and expectations, AirActive provides a tool for the fitness industry to not only match these expectations, but exceed them.

AirActive was founded on the ideas that smartphones are pervasive; that the biggest pool of new customers lies outside the membership model; and that a win-win digital disruption of the fitness industry is possible.

The average smartphone user reaches for their phone as soon as they wake up. They are looking at their phone up to 1,500 times a week and are using them for over three hours every day to search, check news, book tickets, shop and more. AirActive aims to make the fitness industry part of this new normal.

Smartphone users include the 85 per cent of active Australians who have not signed up for club memberships. Many of these consumers do want to exercise, attend classes and use fitness facilities, but they want to do it on their own terms. AirActive connects them to tens of thousands of fitness activities, from group classes to gym workouts, and everything in between.

The AirActive platform aims to benefit instructors, gyms, studios and trainers by attracting new clients and leads, activating new revenue and keeping clubs connected to ex-members. Providers can set up a profile, set their own pricing and decide exactly which classes and sessions (and how many places in each) they will release to the AirActive client base. This keeps clubs in control of their business.

Operating across both iOS and Android, consumers can discover and book the activities offered by the providers. Providers get paid their session price, minus a booking fee and any merchant fee.

So what makes AirActive different to all the ‘fitness passport’ providers out there? According to the Australian team behind AirActive, it’s the fact that providers are in full control. There is no discounting or bulk buying, just the potential to add more casual visits to not-so-full sessions and generate new leads for memberships. Providers can set different prices depending on the day and time, thus optimising revenue during the lows and the peaks of occupancy.

Consumers, meanwhile, stand to benefit from features such as instructor ratings, the ability to invite friends to the booked sessions, automated integration with the smartphone calendar and map directions. There is no lock-in, no contract, no direct-debit, rather it’s a user-pays system.

Already endorsed by Fitness Australia, AirActive has plans to drive demand by exposing the app to millions of potential users through strategic partnerships.

The AirActive website airactiveapp.com is now live, and the app is launching in the App Store and on Google Play in January 2016.


To become an AirActive Provider or Instructor, visit airactiveapp.com to check the FAQs and contact support@airactiveapp.com